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  1. Yeah, I figured that would be good I mean, although there is no Absol SL, it's really a decent card. I wish people could give it a little more credit I can acquire a second Lysander from my friend, so that will work [Merged Replies]
  2. K, I ordered the following cards: Darkrai EX (DEX) x3 Hoopa (Shining Legends) x4 Prof Juniper x3 Energy Recycler x4 I won't put all of those hoops and recyclers in there, but I think two hoops and two recyclers? I also have shadow circle to cover for the weakness against Lycan/Buzzwole decks.
  3. What about take out 2 Malamar EX, then, replace it with two Darkrai GX? And take out the crushing hammers and put in some energy recyclers?
  4. And I will take out the max potion, lost remover, and shauna and replace them with N
  5. Thanks, so... I've removed the dangerous energy and darkness energy and added more 1 skyla, 3 energy retrievals, and a recycle... What else should I tweak?
  6. Ok, so, I wanna go to a GameStop tournament with this deck, but, I need some advice first: Pokemon: Malamar EX x4 Absol EX x4 M Absol EX x4 Zoroark (Stand In) x 1 Zorua x1 Vullaby x2 Absol (Cursed Eyes) x3 Mandibuzz (Bone Rush) x1 Trainer: Pokemon Catcher x4 Pokemon Communication x2 Energy Retrieval x2 Max Potion x1 Trick Shovel x4 Energy Switch x4 Exp Share x1 Lost Remover x1 Skyla x2
  7. My personal opinion on the movie is that it will be inferior to the Indigo League and Orange Island anime series. I've never been a fan of the movies tbh (except rise of darkrai), but, I guess I'll end up watching it sooner or later...
  8. Btw, I'm talking about Pokemon dark rising rom hack by dark rising girl
  9. Minus the ot I can do all that, gimme ur friend code
  10. Yo! I love dr, dr2, and am anticipating dr 3! But, I have some questions about dr 1...

    Can I obtain Conarp, and where?

    And can I get Dark Lugia?

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