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  1. Photoshop CS6, though I'm trying to start using CC on my new computer; I just haven't had the patience to move all my documents over from my old computer first
  2. My favorite MtG art that I use as my wallpaper on everything, everywhere: Ashiok, the Nightmare Weaver! *EDIT* So apparently, Dropbox image URLs are not supported...go figure.
  3. Hey, guys! I'm working on programming a new Pokemon fan game from scratch (not a ROM hack or RPG Maker game, or I'd have posted this in one of the other forums). It's called Pokemon Gemini, and I'm developing it using GameMaker Studio and documenting the development process in a YouTube series. Hopefully this will build up some hype about its progress; you can watch the development as it happens from this playlist: (Also, wow, the embedded videos here are large O_o. ) While I'm good enough with coding, I am terrible at artistic work, especially organic forms like Pokemon! So
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