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  1. so those are other type gems ? kyogre water gem,hydreigon dragon gem,latios dragon gem,tornadus flying gem,is it right?
  2. nice work!!! but some pokemon's item is lost,,,
  3. of course , but they can only trade by link trade but not GTS , so what 's your FC , or a VIP set my fc is 190836604711
  4. thank you very much,i just want it easy to random pid
  5. this is a wonder card which i have already edited by hex editor , but it is not successful , I don't know how to limit nature and version , how to delete fateful encounter and ribbons , is a tool to help edit wc7? Thank you very much for answering . Card # 0650 - ¡Un Xerneas esplendoroso!.wc7
  6. don't worry , if you like pokemon battle , you can check my files
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