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  1. sorry if i took a little too long with the trading. still trying to get used to the controls. Thanks for everything though!
  2. Not really, thought you still wanted to trade. lmao
  3. Yes, its fine that way too. Thanks for all your help though! Really appreciate your time.
  4. Sent it over just cause, i dont have any need for it.
  5. Just missing Kadabra i believe?
  6. Yes, you had sent it over and i sent it back by mistake. I have it
  7. Mine is Myko, cant seem to find you though.
  8. I see, now i will know. Some others are that way as well apologies. and thanks again!
  9. Feel free to put anything that is relevantly the same. Wasn't sure if it would be matter. Apologies.
  10. Sure thing, thanks! Just message me when you're ready.
  11. I can get on right now. Is that good?
  12. I’d really appreciate it! Let me know when it would be a good time to trade. I’m USA central time but work second shift so I’m up pretty late at night.
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