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    If you don't have WiFi, or for those that want to actually backup/edit BOTH SAV slots in Platinum, you could always get the NDS Backup Adapter. I picked mine up at ConsoleSource.com and it is the best tool/utility I have found to transfer SAVs to/from retail carts. The only drawback for me, as a Mac user, is that the utility is Windows only. I've gotten around that by using Parallels Desktop.
  2. Well, after trying every utility out there, I decided to try a hardware solution. I purchased a USB device called the "NDS Backup Adapter" from ConsoleSource.com which can read and write SAVs directly to a DS retail cart. It successfully recognized the Platinum SAV as 512kb. I looked at it in a hex editor and it indeed does have both the primary and backup SAV in it. The only thing I haven't checked out is VS Recorder battles. When I get a chance to record some, I'll let everyone know. FYI: The software for this device only works in Windows. I have it working in Windows XP (in Parallels) on a Mac and also on a Windows XP laptop. I've read reports of people having trouble getting the drivers to work properly. I can attest to the fact that they are very picky. But the end result is worth it. I've been able to backup/restore carts that wouldn't work with other utilities.
  3. I know that this happens with traded and Wonder Card pokemon. If you caught and grinded a pokemon, you should be OK. I'll let others with more experience in using Pokesav to modify pokemon answer the finer details.
  4. Pokemon obey based on their levels and your badges. Doesn't matter if they are hacked or legit.
  5. There are a few threads about this, both on this forum and the old/archived forum. Basically, Platinum actually uses 2 SAV slots, one is primary and the other is backup. It rotates between these slots to always have a current backup. The problem is that there is no utility that can restore both SAV slots to a retail cart. I've heard that if you save on the game, go into the computer and move a pokemon between boxes, then save again, both SAV slots should be about the same. After that, it all gets fuzzy to me. Here's the best thread on the topic for further information.
  6. I've good things about REIN in the past. It's a shame that the long-rumored Slot-1 version never saw the light of day.
  7. That was exactly my point earlier in the thread. Either a Pokemon Platinum specific one or a new WiFi/Slot-2 SAV utility that has better logic to determine SAV size.
  8. If someone plays on a flash cart (for convenience) and then wants to restore it to a retail cart, VS Battle recordings and all, I doubt everything would all make it to the retail cart if the flash cart's SAV is over 256K.
  9. So I guess that there isn't a full solution to copying/restoring SAVs from retail carts without the threat of losing some of the VS Battle recordings? Looks like we're in need of a custom SAV backup/restore DS utility for Pokemon Platinum. I haven't programmed in years and have no DS programming background. Is anybody here up to the task?
  10. I've heard that the SAV files can grow even larger that 512k and can include the Vs. Battles. How does that play into the dual 256k "slot" scenario? I would hate to lose extra data just to tweak a few things with Pokesav.