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  1. It's not a ripoff of any game. Puzzle League is an established series, first with Panel de Pon, then with the port to the US, Tetris Attack (SNES and GB) which was Yoshi & friends branded. Then came the Pokémon iterations for GBC and N64 (both very fun), the GBC version playing more like a SNES port (same story mode). Then a GBA and GCN release with no specific series branding (Nintendo) and finally a DS version with no branding. Puzzle League is probably one of my all-time favorite games, and if any of you have or can get a hold of the game for DS, I'd love to play over Nintendo WFC.
  2. Technically, no. You could just do a PC transaction that triggers a full save, and then check the dumped save. If it wasn't current, you'd have to save again. Of course you all are welcome to comment with suggestions or other feedback. I appreciate all the positive comments so far! I work fulltime and barely had a moment to write up this guide, so I wrote just the steps that were guaranteed to work. If someone else can reliably prove that simpler methods work, I'll be happy to update the tutorial. Right now it's not worth my time to spend hours finding another method (on top of the time it took to figure out as much as I have) than to just spend a few extra second saving the game. By the way, I have heard there is a tool called REIN that can dump Platinum saves at 512kb, but it requires a slot-2 device (will not work with 3-in-1). If anyone would like to test this out, I would be interested in any thoroughly tested results. As for Vs Recorder data, I do not know where that is stored in the cartridge, so I couldn't say if it's being stored in an area beyond the 512kb. Again, if anyone has any evidence that this is the case, I would be happy to compile it into a readable, easy to understand guide.
  3. If your Pokémon Platinum cartridge is dumping saves as 256kb instead of 512kb, read on. This will explain the issue and tell you how to edit your save with Pokésav Platinum and write it back to your cartridge. The trick is to realize that your cartridge does indeed have 512kb of save memory but only the first 256kb is accessible. It's helpful to think of the two slots as A and B. Save A is always accessible, and Save B never is. One is your primary save, and one is your backup save. The first time you save the game, it writes to A. The second time, it writes to B and marks A as backup. The third time, it overwrites A, and marks B as backup. This continues on and on as you save your game, each time saving to the other slot and marking the old one as backup. The problem is when your primary is in B, and your backup is in A. Since A is the only one you can dump, when you edit the save file in Pokésav Platinum and rewrite it back to the cartridge, you have just overwritten the backup save, and since B is marked primary, the game continues as if you made no changes at all. The answer? Just save the game again and this will reverse the order of saves. Feel free to find a method that's less time consuming and works for you, but the way I have found to guarantee that the saves are overwriting is to save at a Pokémon Center. Let's say we have three boxes - A, B and C. Move a Pokémon from one box (A) to another (B), then save the game. Now move that Pokémon to a third box © and save again. Dump the save and open it in Pokésav. If the Pokémon appears in storage in the third box ©, you know the save is current. If the Pokémon is still on the box previous (B), then you know that this is the backup save. Go back into Platinum, move another Pokémon and save, then dump the save and verify that the latest change shows up in the storage. Once you have confirmed that you are looking at the primary save, feel free to make any adjustments, then write it back to your cartridge using your tool of choice. Please note that the save should remain at 256kb at all times; if you are unsure, use the Save as feature of Pokésav to save a new copy of the file and check its size before writing it back to the Platinum cartridge. Hope this helps!!
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