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  1. You can’t do it with PKHeX but I’m pretty sure you can still scan in the secret base QR codes
  2. It has always been mew since the start but the second I saw Furfrou I pushed mew into the second spot (sorry mew)?
  3. It has always been normal for me Gen 1 brought the powerhouse Snorlax, the undisputed wall Chansey, the ever so lovable Ditto, our friendly lovable Eevee and the pain in the butt to buy Porygon Gen 2 had the likes of our sketchy friend Smeargle, bulky Miltank who should of never been granted the power of rollout, a beastly looking bear called Ursaring, the unsung hero Dunsparce and if that’s not enough they also decided to give the wall an evolution that has EVEN MORE HP!! Gen 3 oh how I thank you!! (Apart for flooding the GTS with Zigzagoon.) You brought me my Behemoth Slaking, the ever so (useless) randomness of Spinda and my Toxic avenger Zangoose Gen 4 has a little bit of a Slow Start (sorry, not sorry) for Normal types then BAM! God himself comes along (Praise Arceus) Gen 5 went cuteness overboard and gave us the likes of Stoutland, Audino, Cinccino and Meloetta Gen 6 came with some of the best designs IMO there was fearsome Pyroar and his little cub Litleo, my new best buddy Furfrou (Pharoh Trim), and the cheeky Heliolisk Gen 7 was slightly disappointing, however it brought me Bewear and that only touches the surface of my love for normal types
  4. That ditto works so perfect for this and I would also like to thank anyone involved
  5. It really depends on features to be honest plus it can take a hell load of time, resources and money (for the apple part at least) just for it to be a little square on a phone. I have a tab up on my laptop and a tab up on my phone and it takes me no longer than going on an app to get the same results. In my opinion there would need to be a key feature that the web version don’t have to make it appealing to me.
  6. That’s amazing a service like no other and it’s really useful
  7. Excuse me if I am wrong but I remember seeing and reading about an early demo of Pokemon gold and silver, where instead of Totodile and Cyndaquil it was Kurusu and Honoguma. which got me wondering what would happen if these two were extracted? Would they simply just change to Totodile and Cyndaquil? Or be renderd useless? Edit: unless the video I saw was just a fan made thing
  8. I Would love a poison type! call it Contageon because it sounds badass
  9. Some really interesting points I must say I will add mine now. 1) a post game where you can buy and use your own gym,sort of like a secret base, but bigger, better with tonnes of online features 2) with shinys being more of a thing for people now with the increased odds, I would like an evil team that specialises in stealing/using shiny pokemon 3) new trainer classes eg. Shiny hunter, skater, ex gym leader, EV trainer, nature specialist etc 4) the return of ball seals would be awesome and or more ball types 5) trainer with full teams or trainers that can be rebattled and the amount of Pokemon and skill is increased
  10. It’s an honour to be here
  11. Hello wonderful people of Project Pokemon. I am Pokepel and have been waiting for the right time to be apart of this community and work with people who feel the same way.
  12. Fair enough, well it worked for me anyways and that concludes my full language set
  13. Gonna give the French version a try just skipping the laborious start
  14. I can now confirm that all apart from FRE works guess we will find out on the 13th if it ever will or weather you need a specific French code
  15. I'm in the UK and am running through a full language set with proofs. also having trouble with FRE but by the looks of it the code won't accept until the 13th so I will try that then just up to JPN got KOR,CHT,CHS to go!
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