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  1. There are now 2 versions of the game 1.0 and 1.1 update. Patches are out for both versions. Make sure the file structure looks like this: sdcard0://luma/titles/00040000001b5000/code.ips This the latest SciresM qr patch for v.1.1 of US. Don't forget to rename it to code.ips and enable game patching in Luma's config menu (Hold Select while booting device). SciresM'sQR.ips
  2. 11.4 and 11.5 users can update to 11.6, then do the "dsiware transfer" part of 3ds.guide to get cfw. The only drawback is..you'll need $2 for the DSiWare title and another 2ds, 3ds, or New 3ds/2ds xl that has been cfw'd for the method to work. https://3ds.guide/installing-boot9strap-(dsiware-game-injection)
  3. Click on the "Nintendo Homebrew on Discord" link from 3ds.guide. Ask your questions in either Assistance-1 or -2. Someone there should be able to lead you on the path to updating boot9strap(B9S) to v1.3 and Luma 9.x. Normally, updating to the latest Nintendo firmware w/ CFW is safe. If you open system settings from the home screen and the FW version reads "Sys", you're good to go. Just update B9S and Luma. https://3ds.guide/updating-b9s Good luck.
  4. These might help. Happy New Year! 6IV_SB_KO_Mew.pkm 151 ★ - ミュウ - 22B67942EF72.pk7
  5. As stated above, the only way to find out is to hack it in and see for yourself.
  6. doh! sorry...I haven't checked the actual egg model yet. My apologies
  7. I hope not. Thanks for the speedy reply. Happy New Year!
  8. Once the Crystal VC is released, can this be transferred to Gen 7 and remain legal?
  9. I think there is/was an event in the mystery gift database or github now? I don't remember if this is the one, its been a while.... Met at level 5, from Ruby, in a pokeball.
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