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  1. Everything checks out fine on the back of the board; the multimeter appears to confirm that everything that is supposed to be connected is indeed connected. What exactly does this mean considering my game doesn't register at all after the attempted repair years ago (the GBA acts as if nothing is in it)? Are you saying to do the same thing on the front? I don't believe I'll be able to trace every connection on the front since many of them are covered by the printed text or other things such as the SRAM or ROM.
  2. Actually, if what you're referring to is the printed text on the SRAM and ROM, mine does have that; it was just not visible with the lighting on the pic in the first post. This is what my cart looks like after the attempted repairs were done on it. I just removed the battery prongs for the time being. You may notice a small bit of excess solder on the pins of the ROM; this has been brought to my attention before, and I removed it as best I could. There may still be a small bit left (see pins 3-6, top to bottom, on left side), but I was unable to get that off, and I'm going to see if so
  3. Thanks for your reply. If I'm understanding you correctly, are you saying to trace the fine lines on the back and see if a point on the left and its corresponding point on the right register on a multimeter?
  4. I do have other non-Pokémon games that I no longer play and would be willing to, more or less ,"ruin" in the name of testing the board, but I opened them up and they are structurally different inside (no battery, etc.). While I certainly did value the save file I had on this cart at the time, I know it's long gone, so at this point, the cart is all I have left, and it would be nice to have another Emerald. Your point about the cost and time of a potential repair is entirely fair though. Also, after doing some research, I found a potentially relevant thread on Reddit, and if the numb
  5. Thanks for your reply. I actually did get a new cart; however, this cart has sentimental value to me despite the save file being gone, so I'd like to get it up and running if possible. The new cart I got eventually had its battery run dry, and it still saved normally afterwards, so I doubt the battery was responsible. Here is a picture I took when I first opened the cart (prior to the attempted replacement of the battery). I believe the flash memory is the black rectangle located directly above the word "FLASH," right? The traces around it are extremely small, so I'm not even sure if
  6. I have an Emerald cart that I got from GameStop on the release date in 2005, so I'm as sure as I can be of its legitimacy. Back in 2009, I started getting a series of error messages when saving the game. Ultimately, my save file was deleted on its own. Attached are photos I took of the bizarre messages I got. I've shared these on other Pokémon sites and no one seems to have seen them before. Excuse the poor quality / blurriness; these were taken with a digital camera over a decade ago, and some were captured from video that I took. Not knowing at the time that the battery was not the
  7. If you get around to taking a look at it, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know what you think.
  8. When you say you have doubts about it being legit, which save file are you referring to - the one on GameFAQs or the one I linked to in the 3rd post? The one on GameFAQs is from 2004, and being so close to the event dates (and likely before we had discovered how to to inject Wonder Cards) is a decent reason to believe it's legit IMO.
  9. I found a site that can do it for DS games, but not GBA; that feature hasn't been added yet. Do you know what type of GBA Gameshark I would need to restore the save? I see two different types (1, 2).
  10. Thanks. Unfortunately I need it in the form of a .SAV file, and I don't work with emulation (as far as I know, using an emulator is the only way to convert .SPS into .SAV). Is there anything else I can do?
  11. Thanks. I did run across this. In the description, the author claims to have gotten the AuroraTicket from the PCNY. Any thoughts on its legitimacy?
  12. I'm looking for a save file for FR/LG/E with an Aurora Ticket (with the corresponding Deoxys not yet caught) that was obtained from one of the official events back in 2004/2005. I know the NA version of the ticket has leaked and anyone can get it (and that one such will be indistinguishable from an "authentic" one), but I'm looking for one that was obtained directly from the actual event, if possible. Thanks.
  13. I'm familiar with the two save banks; however, I wasn't aware that I had a choice in which one I edited. How do I change between them in PkHeX?
  14. Awhile back, I edited my game's playtime in PkHeX to force the checksum to be a value that yields a shiny Jirachi from the Colosseum Bonus Disc. I'm trying to do that again; however, I'm not sure what exactly I did the first time, and I'm having a bit of difficulty. Here's what I'm doing: 1. I open the .sav in HxD Hex Editor and locate the checksum. 2. I open the .sav in PkHeX and edit the playtime. 3. I go to File -> Export SAV -> Main and save my file. 4. I locate the file and manually add .sav to the file name. 5. I open the new file in HxD, browse to the sa
  15. I took the very first value in HxD (block 00 in offset 0) and changed it to 01, but after opening in PKHeX and saving, my checksum did not change. Why would this be? And thanks! EDIT: I did, however, get the checksum to 00 F5 by changing my TID to 44405 (and keeping my SID the same at 40171). How can I tell if this is a valid TID/SID combo given the vast amount of seeds that could be obtained with a live battery? The only way I can think of is to search each minute of each hour of each calendar day, which is impossible. EDIT2: I got the checksum to 00 F5 by changing my game t
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