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  1. 1) If you do it correctly, you don't have nothing to be afraid of. But imo it's always better modifying an existing one rather than creating one from 0. 2) Yep, Pkhex do that. If it's a tradeable you can just put the file in your game and use it normally (If it's legal, of course). 3) Yep, it's possible. 4) Yep, if they are tradeable Pokémon, you can get them by just putting the pk files. 5) Pkhex simulates the Transfer process, you can always check if the data is correct after just dragging your files. 6) Yep, you can get them via VC so there are some moves that are legal if the Pokémon has come from those games. 7) From Gen VI onwards, It doesnt matter the country where you are, you can choose any language you want, so a Pokémon can be from Japan and have it's name in English. You can do that to the Pokémon, but the Sub region and region should match. 8) I think it refers to the meeting of the OT and the Pokémon but Transferred Pokémon via Pokébank from older generations have their "Met Date" modified when transferred. 9) Pkhex keeps updating it's legality date. It has a legality check that is always helpful to get a legal Pokémon and tells you what is wrong if its marked as illegal.
  2. Because Homebrew Launcher is kind of a key. Having it allows you to do more with your console, like installing FBI, Luma and that stuff which allows you to have a permanent access to Homebrew itself and other kind of stuff. There are many ways to acces to HL but now there are no primary exploits for 11.5 and higher updates. If you have a 11.4 or less, you still can access to HL by using soundhax.
  3. Some of them do have relearn moves, it depends on the Species.
  4. I was about to compilate it myself and this appeared. Thanks for your effort c:
  5. OMG! I saw that on serebii. So this confirms that you need to beat Gladion to unlock Mohn's story. Thank you! Gonna try to win 10 times with Lillie, since I've already beaten Lusamine and Gladion didn't appear after 50 SR XD
  6. When I get corrupted data file, I always open the save file with Pkhex, then I save it again and try to reimport again. You can try to delete your save file with JKSM. USUM works perfectly with Checkpoint for me.
  7. Have you "refreshed the games"? What version of Pkhex are you using? If Pkhex reads your savedata, you can try to save it again and reimport.
  8. Hello! What you need to use Pkhex is: -Pkhex software (can be downloaded here) -A way to export/import your save file from the game. This can be done by using JKSM, Checkpoin (Both most recommended) or Save Manager. All of them are homebrew applications so you need an access to Homebrew Launcher.
  9. Hope this works. Tell me if it's functional ^^ 2111.zip
  10. Let me explain you. If you use 171117 Pkhex version, and try to emulate the PokéTransfer process, this will happen: However, when you use this pk7 file with a newer build of Pkhex (21117 is the one Im using), this happens: You need to change that to "the Johto region" without the (-). That is fixed in newer builds of the program and they will be fine in the next release. It happened to me and now I can freely trade Lugia, Ho-Oh and the doggos.
  11. After using pkhex again, I found that with the fix, there are now 2 Johto Regions (The previous one is now "Johto Region (-) and its flagged as ilegal). I've changed them to the new one and they can pass through Link trade and Wonder Trade now ^^
  12. If you try to trade the legendaries from Johto between to USUM games, you can't. They say "there is a problem with your Pokémon"
  13. I've heard there are problems with some Old Gen Events. That can be the reason.
  14. I never changed the name... I think one time I tried and it got corrupted... lol. Gratz :D!
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