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  1. Oh yeah yes i did. i do a new game save, then re import in pkhex using my old Layla save
  2. yeah sorry, i figure that out not alot people using cyber gadget haha!
  3. I using Save Editor 2, mine pokemon is Japanese region
  4. I actually solved it, thanks. What i do is i do a fresh save and go Save editor and replace it with mine Layla's and it works! xD thanks! i think is the save editor hex value
  5. But i did normally though.. my main is in the 3DSSE, i using save editor 2 and mine is Scenario 1 right? but mine is already main
  6. I tried everything, including save again and re export, any fix? i don't want restart again my main file still working in phkhex though. My Phkhex version is 20190819. I need help. main
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