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  1. Thank you for all the help <3. Only one Question more. If i want do habe 2 ash hat pikachu from the same .pk file fore example. Is it enough, to change the PID or is there more to do? Is it legit to change the PID from event pokemons?
  2. Hi I plan to use PKHex but am afraid to be banned. First of all, I do not intend to use any illegal OP Pokemon or anything like that. I just want to complete the Pokedex and catch up on some missed events. I do not want to risk a ban, so I have some very specific questions: 1.) If I re-insert a normal, legal Pokemon (ie do not change an existing one, but create a completely new Pokemon) and use it online, does Nintendo realize that I did not receive it legally? So, is there any kind of log on how to keep Pokemon in the savegame (catch, swap, etc ...) or does that matter completel
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