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  1. I think, that's how we are supposed to edit this event on PkHex I'd like to have confirmation
  2. Hello Since Tapu Koko Shiny is Japanese Region Lock, how do we inject him in European Console? Best Regards Jipsu
  3. I can't still trade him anyone have the same problem?
  4. I have the same problem. Mons are flagged red as illegal but if I just click on the mark it pops up a message saying "Legal" and turns green. All theses mons are from pokebank. I try to add wc6 as well and the problem is the same I tried to use batch editor but modified 0 files
  5. I hope an answer from GF cause i know we are not the only one. Did your Zekrom ever fight in ROSA?
  6. Mostly 2016 Events, I had them by code for some, and others by WC injections I didn't really tried with Black2/White2 pokemons but i can try. First i discover the bug cause i want to trade a 100% legit Genesect to my best friend, but a message poped "there is problem with the pokemon". Then we tried with a lot of event (2-3 work but most of them same issue). After i try these pokemon on free battles with all pokemon allowed, and still the same message Don't know what to do, and it piss me off EDIT : I tried with pokemon from B2 and ROSA. No problem at all. Just with events
  7. My opinion is that there is some issues with the online checks Like i told some of my pokemons can battle some cannot
  8. Yes but i don't understand how legit pokemon in ROSA (used in battle), cannot be legit once they passed bank
  9. Tensho i have the same issue and some of my event can't be trade or battle
  10. I think i have the same issue My pokemons passed the bank today, but i can't trade them to a friend or battle with them. I have a message like "There is a problem with one or more pokemon ..." (i dont know the exact sentence, i have a french version of the game) I'd like to add that some of pokemon with the problem are code that I use, some others are WC i injected. By the way i could use them in ROSA (i tried before passing the bank) I looked with Pkhex if there is a problem, all have the HT Memory problem, i fix it but i still can't trade them to friend or use them in battle
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