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  1. Hey y’all, I was wondering if there is any way to have the character model don the Contest Spectculars outfit in the overworld and not just during contests. Any way to do this through PkHex? Thank you!
  2. A variation of this question (sorry if this is a bit off topic) Suppose I want a pokemon to look like it was traded from X to ORAS and back. What changes would I have to make in PkHex in order to make sure the pokemon is legal? The reason I ask this is because there are certain moves that can only be taught from move tutor in ORAS, but the pokemon are still valid in XY. Sadly I don't have a second 3ds lying around anywhere and I don't exactly have anyone trustworthy to ask for a two way trade. Thanks in advance!
  3. Ahh I see. Thank you for your input!
  4. Oh I see. I've noticed something else as well. If I try to enter a value above 3 (lets say 4 in this instance), it resets to 0. However, if I enter in the value 5, it changes it to 1. It does this for every subsequent value after 5 (i.e 6=2, 7=3, 8=0, etc.) Is there a reason behind why it does that? I'm sorry if this question seems a bit stupid, I don't really understand all of this too much.
  5. Hey there, So I noticed in the latest commit that the Trainer Editor (specifically the "Current Appearance") tab had been updated a bit. I was testing some changes I could make onto the female trainer in XY, and I found out that I could change some of the makeup values so that it would stay permanent outside of the PR Video Makeup Room. This is wonderful news to me, however I keep running into a problem with the "Lips" option. Every other make up option has a color setting tied to it as well, except for the Lips. Ultimately I'm looking to change the lipstick color to the "Wine Red" option, however any value above "1" resets the trainer appearance to the stock female character option available as one of the three options at the start of the game. I was wondering if anyone else has had any success in changing the lip color? Perhaps the next commit of PkHex could include a lip color option as well? I'll add a screenshot of the menu Im talking about, as well as the values which are allowed to be changed. Thanks!
  6. Festival Coins are obtained and spent in the Festival Plaza. You can get them from greeting and meeting new people, trading, or battling with others online. Them more people you meet, the more coins you get. Once you get a certain amount of coins, you level up your festival plaza. This grants you access to more facilities and features exclusive to the Plaza. Honestly I just see it as a intriguing idea GF had with online communications, but poorly executed and confusing/not really well developed. I personally prefer the PSS from XY and ORAS. It was sleeker, and much easier to interact with than whatever this sorry excuse of a revamped Diamond/Pearl/Platinum Wifi plaza is. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. But the issue is my Zekrom isn't an event, its captured in Alpha Sapphire. Even then it still doesn't allow it online or traded...
  8. Are your mons that don't work transferred legally through the Pokebank and Poketransporter? If so, then thats just a bunch of BS on GF's part. Why would you allow mons to be transferred only to be rejected in Online Battles? Well then again, are you using them in Rated or Free Battles? Because I remember looking at the season 2 rules, and one of them was that you can't use any pokemon that have been transferred over from other Generations (Yes, even if the mon was a hatched pokemon but the parent was a transfer). I guess we will learn more as the app develops. If there is anything I can do to help speed up that process, please let me know.
  9. Hmmm... If thats the case, then I think its just a matter of PkHex to be updated so that those flags aren't triggered for no reason. Though I still dont understand why I cant use my Zekrom in online battles even though Bank has been released.
  10. Hello there! I'm Tensho =P I too enjoy partaking in the video game community as well as watching anime (maybe just a bit too much hehe). If you need anything, please don't hesitate to message me ^_~ Wish you the best here =)
  11. Yes, I just downloaded that and am editing on that exact commit. Still this issue comes up.
  12. Hello everyone, I've been using PkHex for a while now, but with the new Pokebank Update that came out, I seem to be running into a problem. I have a Zekrom with me that is legal on all aspects except for this Invalid Geolocation Memories tick. Could anyone explain to me what I am doing wrong, or what I need to do to fix this error? I tried clearing the Geolocation memories in the memories tab, but as soon as I go to check the legality, it says the same error and puts back the Geolocation credentials. Below I have a few screenshots outlining my issue. Thanks in Advance
  13. Yes, Reason why is because PkHex doesn't allow you to enter in a 6 digit Trainer ID, but I can bypass that with the use of the data of a pokemon that you caught in your game that is under your ID. With that I am able to make a copy of the mon you provided, and then change it to the legendaries you desire. I don't know how long I will take for making them legal, because end of the day if they arent legal I cant trade them over to you (not my honor code or anything, just the way that the security measures work when trading in the game). Let me know when you can send a mon over, it can be anything. Tensho
  14. Sure thing! For the sake of integrity, (Or whatever you make it out to be in this scenario) I'll make them non shiny unless there is a legal possibility of them being shiny. Also. Would you want them under your trainer ID? If so, then I can probably make them under your trainer ID if you can send over any random pokemon you caught in the game so I can use it as a reference when it comes to your credentials. Let me know at your earliest convenience, Tensho
  15. Can you list all the legendaries that you wanted? If you respond by tomorrow I can whip up a batch for you and send them your way. Let me know what you think.
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