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  1. Heal Block Creation Trio marked as illegal

    You need to find a legit SID for it. Example of a Heal block Palkia that Pkhex recognizes as legal: 484 - Palkia - 7CB634C5790A.pk7
  2. Batch editor

    How to clear Current_Handler, Latest_Handler, OT_Memory and all the Super training medals? What variable changes the "Origin Game" and what kind of values does Met_Location accept for every location? Specifically I want to set "Origin game" to "Ultra Moon" and Met_Location to "Paniola Ranch" I want to change all the origin info of XY-met pokemon to UM Read the FAQ and it referred me to Editors/BatchEditor.cs but I can't make much sense of it and find what I need exactly, sorry Edit: found it for now, Here is if anyone needs help, had to copy the values from another pokemon with the desired properties. This will only change the info for bred pokemon, hence =Egg_Location=60002 =Egg_Location=60002 .OT_Gender=0 .OT_Name=Nick .TID=40092 .SID=09700 .CurrentHandler=0 .CurrentFriendship=255 .Egg_Location=60002 .Enjoyment=0 .Dist7=False .Dist8=False .DistSuperTrain1=False .DistSuperTrain2=False .DistSuperTrain3=False .DistSuperTrain4=False .DistSuperTrain5=False .DistSuperTrain6=False .Geo1_Country=0 .Geo1_Region=0 .Geo2_Country=0 .Geo2_Region=0 .Geo3_Country=0 .Geo3_Region=0 .Geo4_Country=0 .Geo4_Region=0 .Geo5_Country=0 .Geo5_Region=0 .HT_Affection=0 .HT_Feeling=0 .HT_Friendship=0 .HT_Gender=0 .HT_Intensity=0 .HT_Memory=0 .HT_Name= .HT_TextVar=0 .OppositeFriendship=0 .OT_Affection=0 .OT_Feeling=0 .OT_Friendship=255 .OT_Gender=0 .OT_Intensity=0 .OT_Memory=0 .OT_Name=Nick .OT_TextVar=0 .Version=33 .Met_Location=78 .SuperTrain1_ATK=False .SuperTrain1_DEF=False .SuperTrain1_HP=False .SuperTrain1_SPA=False .SuperTrain1_SPD=False .SuperTrain1_SPE=False .SuperTrain2_ATK=False .SuperTrain2_DEF=False .SuperTrain2_HP=False .SuperTrain2_SPA=False .SuperTrain2_SPD=False .SuperTrain2_SPE=False .SuperTrain3_ATK=False .SuperTrain3_DEF=False .SuperTrain3_HP=False .SuperTrain3_SPA=False .SuperTrain3_SPD=False .SuperTrain3_SPE=False .SuperTrain4_1=False .SuperTrain5_1=False .SuperTrain5_2=False .SuperTrain5_3=False .SuperTrain5_4=False .SuperTrain6_1=False .SuperTrain6_2=False .SuperTrain6_3=False .SuperTrain7_1=False .SuperTrain7_2=False .SuperTrain7_3=False .SuperTrain8_1=False .RibbonAlert=False .RibbonArtist=False .RibbonBattlerExpert=False .RibbonBattleRoyale=False .RibbonBattlerSkillful=False .RibbonBattleTreeGreat=False .RibbonBattleTreeMaster=False .RibbonBestFriends=False .RibbonBirthday=False .RibbonChampionG3Hoenn=False .RibbonChampionG6Hoenn=False .RibbonChampionKalos=False .RibbonChampionNational=False .RibbonChampionRegional=False .RibbonChampionSinnoh=False .RibbonChampionWorld=False .RibbonContestStar=False .SecretSuperTrainingComplete=False .SecretSuperTrainingUnlocked=False
  3. Teamcity builds

    Not to complain but I remember usually these first releases had bugs that are fixed after reported so I would rather use the latest build.
  4. Teamcity builds

    What happened? I can't access them on teamcity You do not have enough permissions to access build type with id: PKHeX_BuildWindows Are you going to post a new release soon?
  5. Is it possible to transfer a post-credits pokemon Moon save into a pokemon Sun cartridge? Would it break event flags and trainer informaton?
  6. PID encounter type legality error for HGSS

    Yes I didn't edit it, that is why I posted this. I just opened my vanilla HG file and thought about reporting it.
  7. Just a nitpick, don't know if it has been reported yet 190 - AIPOM - 42184B179939.pk4
  8. You made a mistake in your post, Sun/Moon are called SM for short
  9. Sorting boxes is illegal? Just add tooltips
  10. Yeah of course but at the moment most people wouldn't even know the shortcut exclusive functions exist. You can try something like when you hold ctrl the button text changes to what their new function is. Or even better mouse hovering tooltips. Also add this about adjusting the SID to the shortcut help window. Maybe this should be moved to the main pkhex forum
  11. Thanks. It is not mentioned in the shortcuts under About pkhex. The UI should be overhauled and stop relying on ctrl+ clicks bs
  12. I want a gen3 stationary Method 1, with Timid nature, hidden power Ice IVs and shiny only. Is it possible to find any combination of TID and SID that will make it shiny with the RNG reporter?
  13. Wish Bagon egg from Emerald

    Thanks, always forgot this.
  14. Pokémon Ranger Manaphy Egg

    Thanks to Odaxis here is a more competitive shiny timid one, you can change the nickname 490 ★ - Manaphy - 6185A9231B09.pk7