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  1. Thanks very much ! I figured out what's point... But that's weird , because if the OT is not as same as present trainer , such as most event Pokemon , the affection still write in OT... Maybe they really programmed wrong...
  2. Not sure what point make this... This Diaga is HGSS event one , I just tick that ribbon option... Should I must completed the Pokémon Contest Story until Mater Stage ?
  3. Well , after I completed all Super training by my Houndour , I get 30 medals totally . But what's this means ? I await an answer, greetings
  4. Excuse me~ Could anyone answer me about following minor questions... In G5 BW2 , the extra bytes 0X87 determine the "star animation" when sent Pokemon go out , if this bytes = 255 , the star will be biggest... So...if I transfer a Pokemon with 0X87=255 via Bank to G6 , is this bytes will be deleted by transporter ? or just G6 even G7 didn't use this bytes ? As I know the same thing in HGSS shiny leaves when transfer into G5 , the extra bytes will be deleted... One more thing want to ask ... the extra bytes 0X42 in all G5 , determine hidden ability in 0X42=1 , but G6 G7 seems unused this bytes? because can't found in Pkhex , just want to know which determines hidden ability in G6 even G7...
  5. Hello! I just want to confim this Phione: . When tranfer to G5 , the met level will automatically change to current level . But try to modify the met level from 1 to 49 , Pkhex always told you legal ? Although this Phinoe only can be Lv.50... Thanks for reading~
  6. Thanks for guys responding ! I found this in japanese players in past , seems this could be recieved female: https://twitter.com/yoshiteru_hsgw/status/546215225804853248 And this page told this event , when recieved , the gender was determined: http://pokeaogtytnsy.blog70.fc2.com/blog-entry-2903.html This is another page: https://twitter.com/ajpatmp Sorry~all japanese page
  7. I found this wonder card gender should be randam , not only male...and Pkhex recognize female one is illegal... Here 's event page :
  8. My expectations : When Diamond & Pearl remake , Arceus can fuse 17 plates,and transform into Original form. The ability may also change into " type change" and allowed players select 18 Types on screen before using move. Just my idea baesed on the M12 "Arceus and the Jewel of Life" , I expect more on how GF show the ability of Time & Space and Anti-Matter on Dialga , Palkia and Giratina in the future .
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