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  1. Thanks, all of this helped. Now that it's injected into my game cart, is it possible and how do I share the Eon Ticket online?
  2. This tutorial was perfect, worked just as directed. Thank-you to the author!
  3. I was able to accomplish this successfully. Thank-you for the lead! It would be a great feature if it was implemented into PkHex.
  4. When is PkHex prompted to update or create a backup of the file being edited?
  5. After searching Project Pokémon, I encountered three different files this (event gallery), this (in-game series) and this (in-game series). In my story arch I just caught Latios, I have OR. Do I go with the Latias (in-game series) file? How do I know which one is the right one?
  6. Sweet, I can't wait to load it up. This is my first time doing this, I don't even know where to begin. Are there instructions?
  7. Is there an alternative or PkHek method? If there is does it make any difference with the Street pass method, or is it all the same at the end?
  8. I have never done this before. I came across a point in the ORAS walkthrough that mentions if I have an Eon Ticket, a key item that can be obtained through StreetPass, I can make a return trip to catch the other Eon Pokémon. I have just returned from Southern Island and have obtained the Mega Bracelet. What is the most proper way to obtain and redeem the Eon Ticket so I can do this event? Thank-you!
  9. Can this Pokemon be shiny and/or able to change nature?
  10. Hello, When I first installed this .cia, I didn't have this guide to follow. After installing and deleting the .cia, I launch 'JKSM' (12/20/2018) and instead of following the "Reload Titles" option I just selected "Titles" to try and figure this out on my own at the time. I saw Pokémon Omega Ruby which is the game I am attempting to use with PkHex but instead of first selecting the game with 'A' I selected the option 'Dump Selected (Y)' and then eventually with patience found the Pokémon (Main) Save file by digging through the folder JKSM on my SD Card. I just have a few questions if someone could help answer them. 1. Does this homebrew keep you safe from accidentally deleting the cartridge save data? 2. Is there a big difference between selecting the option 'Dump Selected (Y)' or selecting 'New' after selecting 'Save Data'? I am guessing the first option is for dumping the entire game and then second option is for dumping just the save? 3. What is Extra Data? Is this update and game data? 4. Can I just start over and delete the JKSM folder and follow the steps correctly this time? Thank-you!
  11. This is for the mystery gift Pokémon Secret Member Club Krabby. My Nintendo Switch is not hacked, so I am unable to use these files. I am willing to trade or even better if you have a code. Pokemon Species: Krabby Held Item: None (LGPE) Level: 15 Ability: None (LGPE) Nickname (If wanted): None, unless .pkmn file comes with one Trainer ID (If specific): 000132 Secret ID (If specific): Shiny (Yes or No): Yes Egg (Yes or No): No Nature: Adamant Pokérus Status: None Pokéball Captured In: Default ball it comes with, I think it's a red one EV Stats: normal IV Stats: normal Ribbons (If any): none Location/Date Met: default Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): none Friend Code (If Trading): SW-6034-7952-2711
  12. @lucarioandpikachu@Legarad@JISN[064] Actually, I realized just recently that some of the moves were moves that required breeding or a certain level in order to pass legality. In short I just had to edit a few option in PKHeX to make it work and a few rerolls. Thanks!
  13. Is it recommend to use Bulbapedia as a reference guide when editing Pokémon learn set's? I am trying to give him the move Outrage but it is not showing up green as a move he can learn, I am having legality issues.
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