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  1. Haha after slacking for months I finally decided to implement this on PKHeX, so you can expect it on the next release, whenever that happens. (sorry for the double post after soo long)
  2. Yeah because that is the records editor, not the current run one. You can try to edit it yourself based on the offsets here: https://gist.github.com/egzn/15c9d70bb1f69bdb9aeae44d960b02e6
  3. You can always fork the gist and make your own edits there, either way I planned to edit mine when I had some time!
  4. Hey nice one! I did some findings after the Subway scores PR and got them on a Github Gist but needs to be updated with the offsets for BW2 haha
  5. Yeah it's an unused ribbon, no worries, should be up on the next release tho! https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/4771158194396562206e255a848beb86ce5231bf
  6. Iirc this should be legal now on the latest release nvm seems like it's still flagged this has been added in commit https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/283b7a353b8bbc7043679c11e3c87b45fddb20d2 so you can wait for the next release or compile PKHeX yourself this has been fixed in commit https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/d560fbcf7ff11674aff02ed784d508c92a484ebb so it's already on the latest release!
  7. Not sure what's really the problem? If you use a Mint it's all ok, since the stat nature =/= original nature in that case, so an Amped Forme can really be any nature possible with a mint.
  8. That's about the past/record wins, not current ones, so nope, you won't be able to do that!
  9. Just to clarify... @nicosop Did you re-download PKHeX? I downloaded PKHeX and I could load your files (last ones you posted) just fine
  10. I've been digging on the Underground (heh) offsets for this past week, and I managed to get most of them! I have published them on a Github Gist so everyone could take a look at them. Diamond and Pearl: Traps: from 0x42B0 to 0x42D7 length: 0x28 Goods: from 0x42D8 to 0x42FF length: 0x28 Treasures: from 0x4300 to 0x4327 length: 0x28 Spheres: from 0x4328 to 0x4377 first 0x28 being the items, last ones their size Platinum: Traps: from 0x4538 to 0x455F length: 0x28 Goods: from 0x4560 to 0x4587 length: 0x28 Treasures: from 0x4588 to 0x45AF length: 0x28 Spheres: from 0x45B0 to 0x45FF first 0x28 being the items, last ones their size The values in those offsets (besides the spheres sizes) are their position in the files attached in hex, Spheres and Treasures are in the same file (still keeping the position hex tho)! text_dppt_UGGoods_en.txt text_dppt_UGTraps_en.txt text_dppt_UGTreasures_en.txt
  11. I'm going to assume this is about Sword and Shield and automatic save file reading is enabled (by default) on PKHeX so you are prompted with the backup file instead of the main one. If that's not the case, there's more info needed to help you.
  12. Hey, it's been a while since this! I'm sorry for letting this go for so long, but I was able to check things out yesterday and managed to PR those changes to PKHeX, so you will be able to enable/disable Super Facilities along editing their scores. There's still work to do, since I was focusing on Black and White, I might test offsets out on a B2W2 file as soon as I can. Cheers!
  13. Ok so this is what I got now: 0x21D08 is current wins - single subway 0x21D1A is record wins - single subway 0x21D0A is current wins - double subway 0x21D1C is record wins - double subway 0x21D0C is current wins - multi subway with npc 0x21D1E is record wins - multi subway with npc I didn't test but I suspect that 0x21D0E and 0x21D20 are for multi subway with friends and last 0x21D12 is current wins - super single subway 0x21D24 is record wins - super single subway didn't test the others in super yet (i might do it now and come back with the exact offsets) I suspect that 0x21D2C could be a flag that sets either if you are still in a challenge or not (since it changes from 00 to 01 as far as I saw) either way, i saw that if you change the values here, they don't change the flag of super subways, i might have to check the events offset and compare it to my clean save (no subway battles)
  14. I mean the maximum amount of battles you've won (not x7 rounds, but battles themselves) Anyway I'm trying to figure out all of this XD
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