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  1. ok so I recently accidently delete my main safe file but I have another one so it's ok but the problem is when I open pkhex i don't see that file I see the other one but when I play pokemon I see the new file, aka my main save file ( The new one ) I exported my data and everything so I,m still trying to figure out what the problem is. Also when I say the other one I mean the old one and when I open my folder in tools I see the one with the right time but I don't know how to switch to that one. can someone help me?
  2. Ty What about this one? gen 4.rar do I do the same thing that I did with gridlen because I'm not sure if that works Sorry for rushing but how long does it take someone to respond back depending on how many people are asking questions?
  3. What if it's a folder like this one?GRIDELIN053119
  4. Ok so I just started using this and I'm not sure how to put the pokemon on the pkHeX after I have downloaded a file with pokemon. Can someone please tell me how?
    how do you put the pokemon in the pkhex?
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