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  1. Is there a way to edit your Secret Base items? There's some basically impossible-to-obtain ones like the Regis Dolls, so this would be awesome. Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks man. With this advice, I was finally able to get it working!
  3. Thank you. Both of these suggestions worked- I no longer get that error message. However, now there's a new problem- after the saving the edited file and opening it on MyBoy, it functions exactly how it did before the overwrite. There are none of the new Pokemon I added, none of the edited Natures and IVs, etc... When I re- open the edited file on PokeHex, it also appears exactly as it did pre-edit. I included a quick example video, where I attempted to throw a couple hacked Deoxys in my party, and the edit doesn't properly save (this is just one of many scenarios- even if I clone a legitimate Pokemon, it doesn't save). How can this problem be solved? Edit: So I see it's trying to save the file to my computer. But even when I copy the file to the right location under MyBoy, it doesn't appear on my phone. Renaming it also doesn't seem to work. video_20201006_193252.mp4
  4. Hey guys, I managed to figure out everything else so far, but every time I try to edit a save onto one of my Gen 3 My Boy save files, I get the message that "the file is set to read-only. Try again with a different file name." What can I do to work around this? Sorry if this is a newb question, but I've tried renaming files etc. and nothing is making a difference. Your help would be tremendously appreciated.
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