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  1. I found a great program to make firms with images it has a AR code generator but as the program is in french i suppose the code is for French vercion of pokemon... Can you make a traslation and make the code output in english?? here is http://www.pokemontrash.com/triche-pokemon/modifier-signature.php
  2. i can help you... just post you question here or contact me tell me: Who you recieved the egg from? Where the egg/Pokémon was hached/caught at? How the Pokémon was caught/received? What Pokéball was used to capture the Pokémon? and i tell you the values
  3. Requested file is deleted. you give me a link where i can download it?
  4. Juan-K

    hex codes please

    ok de hex codes are: 44h: D0 45h:07 46h:95 47h:00 85h:00 86h:04
  5. gba pkm... all values are 00
  6. can yo make a promgra to make a copie of the battle video of pokemon Pt/Hg/Ss Saves??
  7. can somebody make a progran read a pkm file and determinate the hidden hex values of that pokemon?
  8. Congratulations on completing one year, good work continue so
  9. an the wonder cards? how do for send for wifi?
  10. no i have 200 points in the minigames, no 200 jumps and 200 berys piked, so i have to make 200 jumps and pike 200 berys?
  11. i have a question... if i have more than 200 in the minigames, why not have the trainer card gold? mine is silver
  12. where is the POKESAVARDSOutput.exe
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