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Throughout August to November 2001, a Celebi Tour was held across Europe.
At that point, @Dr.Matt was able to grab the Celebi during the Spanish stop of the Celebi Tour.
Trainer ID can span from 0 - 65535, possible Original Trainer Names being CTOUR, FRANCO, JENS, NICO.

He was able to save his FRANCO Celebi from the plague which is Gen 2 cartridges dying batteries wiping the saves,
using the combination of storing the Celebi on his Mega Memory Card (though it sadly glitched up and become corrupted) and Pokemon Stadium 2.

After finding out that Dr.Matt has the Celebi but is unable to upload it,
@suloku contacted Dr.Matt, in hopes being able to grab it and contribute it, as suloku has a GCB cart reader/flasher.

Dr.Matt's trained Celebi can be seen in the screenshot with Stadium 2, as well his legitimate certificate for it.

Huge thanks to @Dr.Matt for keeping this Celebi alive for so many years,
and @suloku for reaching out to help obtain this.

Many event Pokemon were lost to time thanks to the drained battery plague, so this is a very rare find!

As it has Location as "Event", not normally obtainable in game.

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