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  1. I just started playing Pokemon Showdown about 2-3 weeks ago and all that's available for the battling music is some very generic oldschool Pokemon songs. I would like to completely mute this and instead play my own Pokemon Songs on repeat while battling on there. I prefer songs that are rather creepy or dark, yet intense like...it's a "dire situation" battle. Songs like these: Those are the only two I know of so far that I'm going to add to my playlist. Can anyone suggest to me any others that conform to my tastes? Thanks.
  2. I do like playing the games but I already beat Ultra Sun legitimately but now I simply want all of the legendaries exclusive to Ultra Moon. Making a new file and then copying that exactly to the finished save is a great idea ty.
  3. I want to get someone's completed Ultra Moon game save online somewhere and download it, and change my character name to the one I usually use, unflag all the legendaries and catch them with my trainer's name as their original trainer. I was already told by Slayer that he would see no reason changing just the name would be a problem, however... Any game save I get online is going to be used by potentially hundreds of different people; all with the same TID and SID. Basically the question could also be asked as: Are TID and SID 100% randomly generated in Gen 7 when you start the game? Or to word it more bluntly, can I change character name, Trainer ID, and Secret ID and have it be 100% undetectable in Gen 7 so that I may still "legitimately" catch these legendaries?
  4. Is this possible in every single main Pokemon game? (Resetting the legendaries so that I may catch them multiple times). And also, is your in-game character name correlated with anything whatsoever or am I free to change it at will without it harming anything or making any illegitimacy detectable? (Possibly even including Gen 3/4?) If both of these are possible / true I'm buying every single Pokemon game that ever came out. (Planning on installing saves at the end of the games, changing my name to the usual, and resetting every legendary event flag).
  5. Nevermind. I figured it out. I'm an idiot. I hunted those on my sister's 3DS earlier this morning and traded them. Got such little sleep that I forgot about it... I just checked my sister's 3DS' date and time and it matches with those...... Sorry to waste your time...
  6. Phone died RIGHT when I was about to email myself the pictures. But it showed the correct time. 09/05/2018, 13:01 hours (1pm Eastern) I'll still post the pictures once my phone charges a bit if you want me to but...I have no reason to lie. The time is correct.
  7. The boxes are rather well organized. All of the Pokemon in Box 2 (Named Clones) were caught in Ultra Space. Every Pokemon in that box has the correct date caught except for all of the ones I caught today (and I don't remember doing anything different whatsoever in between the time I caught yesterday and before's Pokemon and and today's Pokemon. It *does* make me think I did something unbeknownst to me either last night or this morning BUT...it doesn't because... Look at Box 6 and 7. 99% of them have met dates of over 11 years ago. These Pokemon were all hatched and then literally the only thing I did to them was use PKHeX to turn their level to 50, and then used 1 or 2 Rare Candies to evolve them; nothing else. Although, we can all assume that the met date was the same before I edited the level and before I evolved them. So, no idea what's going on. I really hope someone can tell me what IS going on so that I can know how to fix it. Because I like to clone Pokemon, keep the original version, edit the cloned version so that it is immediately 100% competitive, slowly do what I edited on the cloned Pokemon with the original Pokemon manually, and then replace the cloned Pokemon with the 100% legitimate self-made originals. But if the date is screwing everything up when I'm doing nothing wrong, well...I don't / won't feel as if the originals are actually legitimate anymore...which is a huge problem for me and the way I like to play. Please help! main
  8. EDIT: Ah. I see what it's saying. Any ROM isn't an EXACT copy of ANY game. It (they) really can't be. They are simply the work of good programmers making their best attempt to make a perfect copy of the original title(s). Which means that unless for some reason whomever (or the group of programmers most likely) coded the rom managed to mine ever piece of data and copy it 100% correctly, there are bound to be errors such as this. So I suppose I just got lucky with the Pokemon I've caught so far. No big deal though, I'm doing this so I can get a legitimate Ho-oh with it's HA (which is the only game you can get it in). If I catch an error one, I'll just reset over and over until I get one that isn't a mismatch and has the correct nature.
  9. Thing is, I know of this PID mismatch thing. However, I've caught a bit over 30 Pokemon so far and they all are "Legal" by PKHeX standards. (not showing Encounter Type PID Mismatch).
  10. Where should I do this? And I'll do it, but I don't see what they could possibly say. I caught them legitimately, no hacks no nothing, just went through a portal, caught a Suicune with an Ultra Ball, and boom it has a met date of 11 years ago... I saved all the original versions, but I made copies of them and fixed the met date on them. Now I'm not sure which one of the two is less legitimate lol....
  11. Oh wait a minute. I posted two threads at the same time and coincidentally one was asking if emulator Pokemon are legitimate (it should be right below this one). I thought this was that thread. Was wondering why you were asking if I was using an emulator when I said I was using an emulator lol No, I'm catching all these Pokemon on a regular 3DS.
  12. ^As the title suggests, I'm looking for a game save of Ultra Moon preferably with 0 legendaries caught but ready to be caught (At least at Ultra Space, best case scenario E4 beaten). Nothing else matters to me (Character name, gender, items, current Pokemon, etc) Thanks in advance if anybody has what I'm looking for.
  13. I recently realized I could download roms for games I don't have and the file extension is exactly the same as a legitimate cartridge save's file extension. I opened up my file in PKHeX from Pokemon HeartGold and threw my Cyndaquil onto my cartridge copy of Ultra Sun. Is this Cyndaquil (or *any* Pokemon I were to catch on an emulator) exactly the same as the real deal? (If so that's wonderful considering you can speed up emulators dramatically for faster gameplay).
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