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  1. What do you expect from the next generation of games?

    I expect there to be a meaningful choice between the new pokemon and the old pokemon. Seriously, there's very few reasons that I'd take say Gastrodon over Swampert. Or Pidgeot over Staraptor. Or Pelliper over Gyarados/Mantine Also 2v2 battling. MORE 2v2 battling.
  2. What's Your Top 5 Favorite Pokémon?

    My top five? In no particular order: Zapdos Kingdra Typhlosion Meganium Torkoal Gen 2 was the shizz, you know. And yes, I can't stand most of the legendaries. Far too many of them (Especially Gen 3 or above) look like Digimon Rejects.
  3. Pokemon Battle Revolution question :S

    Hold your horses a second. Make sure that the DS game and the Wii game are of the same region or otherwise you can't connect. Japanese language can only connect to Japanese language Wii games.
  4. Your first shiny Pokemon?

    The sum total of shiny pokemon I have met. Pokemon Silver/Crystal: Red Gyarados - Everyone meets this one Pokemon Crystal: Shiny Rhyhorn in Victory Road Pokemon Sapphire: Shiny Wurmple an hour into the game, route 202 or something? Got killed by a critical hit from Lotad. I was sad. On the other hand, I got the pokerus a half-hour later and have kept it incubated ever since Pokemon Fire Red: Shiny Pidgey, Route 1 just after I cleared the E4. And that's it.