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  1. Pkhex keeps telling me it's illegal because of PID mismatch. I know it's because of Overworld 8 encounter type any changes to IV will be regarded as illegal. My questions are, is there a way to fix or get around this illegality? And is it risky if I simply ignore this legality issue?
  2. You are right. They dont have those redistributions in 2013 and only listed out the Hawii one , which kinda made me think that this distribution is exclusive to that Hawii event. Now based on your clarification, I realize that not even Serebii has as complete entries of all pokemon distribution events as ProjectPokemon does, damn. My apology for getting it wrong. Thanks for clarifying this. So it means a Gen5 mon from US event can legally have different region and country (say, JP) entries setting for the first time it's transferred via 3DS to the subsequent generations (via Poke Bank obviously)? If I'm right, then basically only event mons prior to Gen 5 can legally and freely gain/change to new region and country different to those being distributed? But the events from 6th generation onwards, they are locked to the region of distribution. From my further reading and researching, it seems that once a mon gains a particular 3DS region / sub region / country, those information will remain unchanged in subsequent generations tradings (be it despositing into the Bank or transferring to a console of another 3DS region). Am I correct? [ofc those info doesn't exist in Let's Go P/E / Gen 8 because they are wiped ultimately). By " language of the receiving game", I guess you mean the language of the game which received the wonder card / event pokemon? We know for a fact that all Gen5 cartridges dont have multi-languages, and most of the time JP cartridge can only receive JP wonder cards event because distributions are locked to a specific language. But then this Hawii Pikachu event allows JP cartridge to recieve the US/English version, is it kinda...an exception? And how do we know whether a particular event allows such exception - Serebii and the EventGallary on this site don't seem to have such info most of the time... Another question is, am I also right to say that the "Language" of a mon will always stick to this mon once it's set. For example, if you use Gen 5 US cartridge to receive a wonder card of US event, is it alway set to ENG and remains unchanged even after it's transferred to another languaged cartridge or to a different langagued game in next generation game via Pokemon Bank or Home (Gen 7 / Gen8) ? My next question is, how about event mons that are directly [i.e. not traded] gifted via Pokemon Bank / Pokemon Link / QR codes? Do they have the same region, country of your 3DS and same language of your game save? Lastly, in Gen6, all event mons (regardless how you receive them) should have blank residence memory (i.e. no Latest or Past Residence), unless the player who received the gift trades it further, correct or no? Sorry again for so many questions The more I digged into 1 thing, the more question marks in my mind.
  3. Not sure if this should be clarified in the description. But it seems that the lightning rod flying Pikachu was ONLY available in this Hawaii distribution. Subsequent distributions for memorance of VGC2012 in other countries did not have that unquie move. Source: https://www.serebii.net/events/dex/025.shtml Now my question is, since only a US DS cartridge (even if you put it in a JP 3DS) can receive a mon from US Event, what should this gen5 mon look like upon being transferred from Pkm Bank to a gen 6 / 7 JP save file (All Region and Country: JP; Language: Eng)? Specifically, I'm asking about the following:- (a) 3DS Region; (b) Sub Region; (c) Language; (d) Country. Should they all be US (since this pikachu is an US exclusive event!) regardless where they are transferred to and what region your 3DS or game language are set to? I did the test by pulling it into my Sun/Moon JP save file but pkhex just change all the above details to what's in my trainer info (i.e. Japan, Engish language etc) but I'm not sure if that's legal.
  4. I gave this program a try but nothing changed. After pkhex was launched via it, the "Runasdate" program froze and didn't respond. To test if it works, I believe the "Met Date" of the empty and default pokemon viewer in Pkhex should normally change according to the date you manipulated (as I tested it in VMware). But apparently this "Runasdate" program doesn't. Not sure if I've done anything wrong tho. If anyone is able to confirm it's still working, or if there is any alternative program or better method changing the wonder card (mainly wc6 & wc7) date out there, please let me know here. I really prefer not to firing up my VMware or changing real system date just to do the save editing...
  5. I'm just curious. Does real hardware include running in 3DS with the following method? (a) Virtual Console Games from Nintendo; (b) AGB_FIRM; (c) New Super Ultimate Injector (seems like the best way now?). From what I've read all of them aren't emulators. They take advantage of Nintendo 3DS's builtin GBA hardware compatibility to run the game. Do pokemon games (or their algorism) run differently in the above condition than in a "real" GBA hardware?
  6. I see. So this is exactly how a mon should look like in pkhex when it's transferred for evolution then back to the original trainer. Is it so far still ok to keep empty home trackers of mons transferred from previous gen without transferring them via Home? I read the other post about it and wonder if nintendo has taken any action so far. I know safest option is to do the trasfer, but Pokemon Home is 3 times expensive than Pokemon Bank and imagine you need to pay for both of them to transfer a safe-edited mon Btw...I'm actually looking for snorlax or munchlax with holdback but they seem only available from a gen7 event...? Yes, I actually got this shortly after I posted the question. It's the Max Soup that did the trick. I thought I had to hack those wild area events to get those perfect G-max mons then I realized this could save significant time.
  7. I downloaded a Sword save from the link below. I'm trying to change every details of the mons and trainer info to look like it's my own unquie save and they are my mons captured or traded by me (with new name, new SID, and TID), instead of "Ash" (SID: 2019, TID: 15119). In other words, I just need to replace Ash's indentity with mine. So my first question is, what are the exact scripts I should put in the Batch Editor to achieve this purpose? I did some searches myself but I'm not sure (a) whether they are correct; and (b) whether I omit anything that should be changed. So far I only figure out the following script (X stands for new ID number), and hope someone here could optimize it:- =OT_Name=Ash =TrainerSID7=2019 =TrainerID7=151119 .OT_Name=NewName .TrainerSID7=XXXX .TrainerID7=XXXXXX Second question is that I dont understand the trainer information in the following screenshot. Ash, the owner of this save file, is the original trainer who obtained it but currently he is NOT the Latest Handler (aka current handler / handling trainer). Yet he is now having this mon in his PC box and the green highlighted background indicates he is the current handler? Can someone explain with several examples how was this pokemon obtained in a non-hacking scenario? Because of this issue, I'm hesitated to alter CurrentHandler in the Batch Editor. mod edit: your large image was placed in a spoiler. Third quesiton is, how to reroll every mon's PID & EC without breaking anything (like shiny one) or making it illegal (e.g. PID mismatch)? If exceptions are required, can someone post those exception scripts in Batch Editor when reolling all mons' PID & EC? I noticed in this save file that almost all mons dont carry a PID type (no overworld8 and nothing from a raid, except some have CXD type), which seem unusual (apparent case of hacking?) but safe to reroll PID & EC? Fourth question is about gigantamax, which I admit I'm not very familiar with. I read from various sources that gigantamax pokemon cant be bred but in this save file there are many gigantamax mons caming from "As Egg". How is this so but still legal? I think those are my questions for now. Thank you very much in advance.
  8. Hello, I'm trying to do similar things, but I'm not sure if I've done it correctly to locate the correct den. I imported 4 of the event files from Wild Area Event Index #007 (snorlax) to test it. I stupidly scrolled through a few dens in the Den List and found it in Den4. Then I realize that this must be stupid method and the correct one should be doing editing in Raid Parameter Editor in Pkhex. I picked a den randomly (Den 001) and changed the Den Type to Event and it seems to work. But in the Raid List it's 4 stars instead of 3 stars (i suppose it's about rareity) I dont know why they are different. Did I do it correctly by only changing the Den Type to event? And does it apply to every files listed in the Github of Wild Area Events Gallery? Is there anything else I need to change? I guess everything else (like, flags, Wishing Piece, IsRare etc) doesn't really matter because they are all controlled by the imported event block files? And how do I know if I picked a den location correctly (i.e. the correct met location)? Does every den in the games have a chance of becoming Event Den spawning the event mons? Edit1 : I dont know what I've done wrong. After copying the seed from the search result, den 1 returns me with a G-max Butterfree in the Raid List, instead of the G-max Snorlax I wanted. I used this page to help me with the RandRoll (it should be 1 for 3 stars?): https://www.serebii.net/swordshield/maxraidbattles/eventden-december2019.shtml Edit2: Forget my edit 1, I'm dumb. Using that event page is 100% correct (at least I was smart to begin with). Now I realize how to find the RandRoll correctly. It should be 61-100 in my case. It's kinda like puzzle solving lol.
  9. I have a few more related questions but dont want to open up 2 separate posts here. Sorry again for so many questions Based on the above information kindly given by Slayer, I figure I should catch mons with Leanny's plugin from the wild area events/raids in Emunand first because (a) it can only import limited block at a time, and (b) save-editing and restoring in sysnand is a pain without loading cfw), and then directly drag the same pk8 files from emunand to sysnand's save file in batch without modifying anything that might break the raid8 corelations. 1. Is it safe to use 1 cartridge and 2 same pokemon saves in sysnand (clean) and emunand (dirty with homebrew) at the same time? (not in the sense of launching the game at the same time tho). In emunand I blocked connections to nintendo server, and the serial number is blank now, but is still necessary to activate the airplane mode when game is launched? 2. I'm also looking into the option of getting a copy of Pokemon Sword (I had Shield cartridge already) for its raids exclusive events in that particular game. While I'm still thinking about which region I should get for Sword, I notice that for gen8, the "Region" box in trainer and mons are gone in pkhex (only Language stays) , but loading up a 3DS save or pk7 still gives you those region, sub-region, country details. Does it mean the region legality doesn't matter in gen8 now? How about those mons transferred from previous gens into gen8? Does the game just ignore their regions differences in entirety after the conversion in gen8?
  10. Ah ha, a hidden function here. Yes, clearly I had no idea at all. Just to clarify, ONLY Shift + Left Click suffices to, in essence, set the flag to indicate a maxed IVs via hyper training, but I MUST leave any numbers inside the IVs boxes unmodified if I want a clean and legal mons of overworld8 and raid8, right? Sadly Hyper Training cant lower the original IVs (like 0 IV speed for trick room team).
  11. Got it, thank you Can you address the IV issue about the hyper training part below? I appologize for so many questions but IVs is one of my main concerns. Again, thanks a tons.
  12. Many many thanks for the detailed reply. I dontt know where to ask apart from here and you are the only person who replied me with all I needed. Appreciate as always!! Now I get it. Probably I should remove those edited pokemons from wild area event since they can be detected as illegal, but presently Pkhex haven't implmented a function to detect them just yet. Fortunately mons from egg and static encounters (e.g. legendary mons) seem fine to edit for now. Some follow-up questions that just came into mind. You mentioned so far we know "EC, PID, IVs, HT, WT" have corelations. Is this list exhaustive at this moment? (i know things can change in future tho, as you rightly pointed out.) Are nature and ability one of these "RNG seed" things? Since we have hyper training in gen8 too, can I just edit the IVs (and ONLY IVs) to my liking instead of going thru hyper training? Or does hyper trainning change the legality differently from just editing IVs in pkhex (if yes, what does it change)? A rather noob question, HT = Height, WT=Weight, right? And I think every pokemon in gen8 should have a fixed value, instead of fluctating like IVs? Not sure how they decided to put HT and WT in the corelations. No wonder some people said Gen8 sucks I wish I could just skip this gen entirely but then I'm gonna miss a lot of things. And sorry I didn't get "RoC" correctly. It's a very awesome github that I must respect!
  13. Gen 7 has 48 max. But I couldn't find any info about Gen8... No, I just wanted to make things as vanillia as possible. Showing off and lying to friends are never my intention and I'm too old for that. I mean, even if you dont say anything.... your friend, out of curiosity, takes your console and looks into your empty mystery gift album... I know it's not an important function but it should have already be implemented. Wonder cards records in the past few generations are nearly perfect until gen8 , which shouldn't be an exception.
  14. Q1. Changing Trainer Name - If I change my trainer name (OT), do I have to change SID & TID of the trainer info and SID & TID of every pokemon caught by me as well? Idk what might be synced or stored in nintendo server, though so far I haven't participated in any online battles or trades. Q2. Wild area event - Is it legal if I just import the wild area events from the github of this site, capture the mon and edit its IVs and shinny myself in pkhex? I was specifically advised in another thread not to edit any mons stats so captured but I wonder what's the reason behind this? Q3. Grabbing pk8 files in open source. - I editted a few mons conveniently this way more than 1 year ago: directly grabbed pk8 files (whether it's from wild area event or not) from RoG-PC > changed the IVs > Set me as the latest OT name > Change the OT name to something else to make it look like as if it's traded from someone else instead of RoG> Rerolled PID and EC. a. Is it legal to do it this way? b. Should I change SID & TID of those mons because I'm editing a pk8 files from other people? I've been repeatedly thinking this lately, I guess I should should have changed SID and TID right? Editing a mon from an open source when everyone can have those mons with the same SID and TID... c. But then idk how to generate a new and valid SID and TID. Do I have to start a new game save and look for the new SID and TID, then wipe the new save? d. What else should I edit to make it looks like it's a unique pokemon caught by me or traded from someone else in such pk8 file?
  15. That fashion block looks so awesome man. You collected every event clothings items and put them together in a single file. That's really nice of you and I really appreciate it! (actually I appreciate everything you've devoted to this forum, and cant imagine what'll happen if you aren't here )! Some questions tho, does importing that fashion block also add entries in mystery gifts menu? Or do they just appear in the clothing store/changing room? Regarding the date, so I just need to change the date of my switch system after the save editing in pkhex? For items, "just place them in bag": I guess you mean just edit the items in the inventory editor in PKhex? But then it wont have any entries in mystery gifts menu to make it look like it's legal?
  16. Thank you for the quick reply, and sorry for my confusing choice of words. Ummmm...I had no idea that the date of encounter can be maniuplated in the Switch system. Does it only apply to mons encountered in Wild area events, or or to all Gen8 mons? Does maniuplating time cause other legality issues? Like, if I return the time to the past, I will have many mons, mystery gifts coming from the future. Also I heard maniuplating time can cause issues to or interrupt the current normal wild area event held by nintendo? What are those issues and is there any workaround to remedy them? A bit off topic but does this date maniuplation apply to other gens (1-7)? Is it legal if I just import the wild area events from the github of this site, capture the mon and edit its IVs and shinny myself in pkhex? IVs should be fine? Shinny tho I'm not sure but if it's not shinny locked it should be fine too? Btw, I actually editted a few mons conveniently this way more than 1 year ago: directly grabbed pk8 files (resulting from wild events) from RoG-PC > changed the IVs > Set me as the latest OT name > Change the OT name to something else to make it look like as if it's traded from someone else instead of RoG. Is it also ok and legal to do it this way? Should I change the original SID and TID of those mons too? I've been repeatedly thinking this lately, I probably should change SID and TID right? Duplicating a mon with original SID and TID from an open source sounds too risky when everyone can have those mons...? But then idk how to generate a new and valid SID and TID and I hope i can get some advice in this regard. And yes, I found this link when you mentioned "seed manipulation" but sounds much more complicated than the method I've mentioned above and I wonder why and when should I use the tutorial below?
  17. For Gen8 clothing (like the tracksuit, bag etc), do I just pull the wc8 into pkhex PC box? It doesn't have any message showing it has been imported to the save tho, and idk how to check the clothing so imported in pkhex. A more important thing is, should I be conerned about the receiving date of such mystery gift shown in game? Is there a workaround to make it look legit so that it's received in the past where the event was being held?? Thank you.
  18. Hello there, If I dump a wild area event in the past (like, 1 year ago) through pkhex as per the tutorial, and catch a pokemon via the event myself today, is it even a legit encounter? Isn't the date met should be like, 1 year ago? How do we explain its late encounter if being asked? Apart from that, is there any legality issue I should be wary of from dumping a wild area event? (Sorry I'm a newbie so I cant be sure what else might be a concern here) I heard some people can create an artifical shining event from the scratch. How do we even know if an event dumped is legit? Another question, how many wild area events can be dumped at a time into a save file? It seems to me from the above only 1 event can be dumped at a time? If that's the case it seems pretty troublesome to get them. I already missed a lot of the events in the past Edit: Spelling
  19. Hello, If I use this file to inject the item directly into the save file, there wont be any wonder card records of it right? And I assume this item is not tradable in game so if you dont have the wonder card record, it's defineitely a sign of hacking the game? Since we cant import wonder cards directly, I wonder if currently there's a way to modify the wonder cards record? I cant seem to find this function in pkhex so far. Would it be implemented later?
  20. Sorry if this sounds a dumb question, but does the game (Shield/Sword) itself store (either locally or not) any wonder card information for receiving the mistery gifts like the old gens? I'm asking it because if the game has a trace or record of any wonder card data but you suddenly have a pokemon (pk8 or wc8) which doesn't match such data, wouldn't it be flagged..or an obvious case of cheating?
  21. So...is this legit? Or what should we do to make it legit? Aside from the memories details, is there anything that could possibly make it not legit?
  22. As we all know, playing a JP cartridge on a US Console out-of-region is technically illegitimate from the Nintendo's perspective (although in fact no one would care). I am one of those who mistakenly and stupidly bought a JP cartridge for my US console. Recently I notice from PKhex that when one playing JP cartridge on US console, the region of trainer info would change accordingly to the country in the console setting and so in this case the Country would be US/NA (as you could see in the picture[ATTACH=CONFIG]13724[/ATTACH]) I am about to tie my cartridge to my PGL account, which I never did it before. My main questions in the circumstances are two-folded:- 1. Which region should I choose to register in PGL? Should I follow the 3DS Region in the trainer section as indicated in the PKhex or Country? 2. Could I change any of the info squared in red after completing registration of the PGL? (I heard this may cause problem such as a ban) My temporary approach is to borrow my friend's JP console and register the cartridge on JP PGL. However, since I could only play it on US console, I believe this would cause problem subsequently when playing on PGL. So, to avoid a ban (if this is the case), my view is that I could either (a) emulate my US console as JP region with the benefit of custom CFW (which would only change the "3DS Region" section to JP, but not others - i just tested); or (b) playing it on a region-changed firmware (but without any e-shop or NNID access, though offline update of the game is still possible). However, I am not sure whether these methods would cause a ban in PGL since it is going to some of the trainer info. I must emphasis that this is simply to save a bit money on my already bought JP cartridge by not purchasing another console (which is obviously not wise given that the new console is about to release). It is not to deceive other players, taking advantage of them, or cheating them for an unfair battle so on. I sincerely hope this thread does not violate any rule of this forum. Any thoughts and help would be very much appreciated.
  23. Hello guys, it's my first time to use the wc6 in the contribution thread. I have an US N3DS, and I want to get a Korean Kyogre to participate an official competition. This is because I do not want to restart the game simply to catch one with right IVs again. I am wondering what steps do I have to take to modify this Kyogre I obtained through wc6 so that it looks legitimate? I know its region has to be modified to a place korea of such. Any other steps I have to take (such as to modify its previous owners so that it looks like it was transferred by a korean to me)? If so, how? Thank you.
  24. May I know the source? Did you try change name by yourself or?
  25. I am playing pokemon Y (not yet cleared) and Alpha Sapphire (first clearance). I used pokemon bank once and I believe I did not register PGL (in case it matters). It's my intention to change trainer's name by using PKhex and I wonder whether by doing so it would mess up the game. I gave a search on google but not much info on this point. Any response to the following is grateful:- 1. Would change of trainer's name affect the legality of the pokemon I caught so far? 2. Do I have to generate a new Trainer ID as well on top of the change? Are there any other follow-up actions that must be pulled off? 3. Do I have to change every Pokemon's info as well so as to make it obey to me? What would happen if I do not do that? (I suppose they would merely disobey my order, but this could be solved if I clear the game once). 4. Would it mess up the game in other aspects? Like the name other people call you in the game, or is there any other adverse consequence that may occur?
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