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  1. I'll try to do a Game Sync after the injection. I'm screwed anyway... If succeed, I'll post the result here for the future. Just enjoying the bad happening to do some experiments. For example, I noticed that if I create the Pokémon in an edited save and use the Bank, I can transfer without any problems to another save that I use for Game Sync. That's because PGL checks some flags for each Pokémon. If it exists from nothing, without an entry for capture, trade, transfer from Bank or breed, it will be marked as hacking So, I think that my problem started here
  2. Yes, I did the backup of the original save. I added some legal Pokémon for use in Kanto X Alola Rumble, but I also added some bottlecaps in my bag. When I tried to Game Sync the edited save, the error was 090-0210, but after that I restored the original backup and tried to Game Sync again. The error changed to 090-0207. Someone told me that in 48hours I could do Game Sync again, but tried the entire past week and lost the competition. Right now, I'm in a new game without my Snorlium-Z and Mewnium-Z Yes, I am.... T-T
  3. I got an 090-0207 when trying to Game Sync an edited save. Do you know if it's a permanent ban, or no? Another question: If I import to my save those wondercards you have here, can my save be flagged as illegal on Game Sync? The second question is because I have two events (Munchlax with Snorlium-Z and Mewnium-Z from PokeBank) that I want to get in a new save, if I can't Game Sync the old one again......T-T
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