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wont turn legal no matter what i do

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so because i'm not in japan i cant get zeraora legitimately so i tried making one with the beautiful power of pk hex but it keeps saying a bunch of things that don't make it legal here's the list of don'ts it keeps coming up with

invalid: unable to match to a mystery gift in database

invalid: encryption constant matches PID

invalid: invalid ribbons wishing (only ribbon wishing event)

invalid: cant have ball for encounter (i've put on a cherish ball)

invalid: fateful encounter should not be check (yes it should its a event)

invalid: OT memory should be index 0

invalid: OT memory intensity should be index 0

invalid: OT memory textvar should be index 0

invalid: should have HT memory textvar value somewhere 

invalid: should have HT memory feeling value 0-9

this is every thing that the red triangle says so how do i make my pokemon all legal cause i know no one out there is going to give me a legit one so i'll make myself one instead

AND NO I NEVER EVER BATTLE ONLINE i hate battling i just want one to keep 

so can any one help me plz i just wanted the event zeraora   

either reply to give advice or reply to tell me to up load the file dont know what good that will do but if you want to see the file plz reply to let me know thanks for any help   

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