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  1. just few info you can separate any 50% zygarde and assemble it using zygarde+cube onto shiny zygarde event for power construct shiny zygarde
  2. i wonder if its tradable or not like hoopa pre release
  3. that jackson dude made this not me i have no ideas how either check the ceal topic on gamefaqs to see it
  4. its on the servers already though theSLAYER-edit: someone claims to have it.
  5. is there a pk7 topic? i guess it help more getting legit proofed pk7 for some people
  6. cool i'll check back from time to time ebgame is too far from me here
  7. the FB ebgames of canada page said they have codes
  8. quebec is in canada and french but we get NA stuff so NA events as well as i do
  9. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7wE1jBTWGR1TXZwYW1rM1dna0U/view?usp=sharing here you go legit outbreakchu pika
  10. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7wE1jBTWGR1WFJwekxoV2tKOGc/view?usp=sharing maxsoft rayquaza fre pk6 untradable one
  11. looking for pk6 of guidebook mareep and proof if possible ty i can help providing pk6 you need
  12. event guidebook mareep begin today but i can't read korean https://www.haksanpub.co.kr/kids/kids_prod_game_view.asp?prod_code=C2002871&vol_code=1
  13. so after searching and asking friends about the kor wyvern pika i found that its mosdt likely cancelled and would be the outbreakchu one as well its not confirmed but seem like so
  14. anyone have info on the baseball korean pikachu/? wc6 or pk6 or just info pls
  15. looking for gamescom events and satay/yokohama/baseball kor pikachus pk6 pls prooves if possible too by pm or here pls and ty
  16. looking for new german gamescoms 4 events and satay king pikachui pk6 with prooves pls also can pm me them uf you don't want them public ty
  17. any got the satay king pika yet? need pk6 and proof pls
  18. latios have a weird pose lol but all look goods tx a lot
  19. i,ll trust you but i,d also like the proove for other thing pls
  20. something bug me there the 4 move are also in the relearn section wich is weird considering 3 are level up move wich don,t need to be in relearn and ice beam is tm
  21. well the altair one have the wrong ribbon if you mean M jirachis
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