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  1. i,m not sure they right or not so i know you have one and so can check then i can hunt 1 for my collection cool so those who cannot relearn are hacks
  2. they say the shiny arceus can't relearn blast burn/hydro canon it is true??
  3. as far as i know event never have memory with its original OT and yes 3 random ivs are 31
  4. i use google doc to upload my stuff and then clcik share and select everyone that have the link can see and share the link
  5. anyone having a arceus/shiny arceus or korean keldeo pk6?
  6. never figured that out so i was happy when i saw this in added but yet cannot find the loadvideo button
  7. inabout pkhex it say added decrypt battle video scrapping for ek6 data
  8. here's the file with the johto starters+serena's fennekin pk6 https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B7wE1jBTWGR1flhNSS1RWExRU2hMR3llTUcwS1g4Y3RoVTJjaEphY0M4SFFKYWZaODBjQm8&usp=sharing
  9. no WHF rayquaza yet? does the bank event come with wondercards? if not i still can contribute my french one pkx when twey get out
  10. Hi, i'm new here (obviously lol) but been lurking a bit before I'm french (quebec not france)but i'm not that bad in english To be honest , I'm not considering myself good at competitive battling and try to learn asnd try new thing in NU/RU well everything below OU
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