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  1. so you say that x/y vega jirachi having same sid of the altair one? if so its good to know
  2. i think its possible that both jirachie have diff sid due to having diff OT but i cannot say for sure
  3. i would if i could but i updated the 2ds long ago so cannot use pkhex anymore
  4. yes it does i tried with my legit one i guess its a translation mistake like it soften happen with translation or nintendo themselves made that mistake on their page
  5. translation error maybe who know http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/49446/t2129999-wish-upon-star-tanabata-jirachi-outbreak/ this is the jirachi i got legit i tested and can relearn both event moves
  6. i would if i could i updated my 2ds long ago so cannot use phex i don,t have the WC but I,m asing the guy for the proove
  7. yes all legit with proof maybe they got their info false or didn't put them bold cause they're unsure i don,t know how they work
  8. i think its just a mistake all event can relearn their event move ,no exeption
  9. anyone have water tribe manaphy and guidebook shaymin pkx/pk6?
  10. LF legit korean water tribe manaphy+guidebook shaymin pls so hard to find those
  11. all i know is classic ribbon is the right one on jirachi wishing is hack hope that help some of you
  12. also Korean olleh tv shiny charizard event being given codes the zard have roost instead of hold hands and different OT probably id/sid too
  13. JYI there's a 3rd distribution of sejun pachirisu going on april 18/19
  14. anyone have the lalaport toyosu eevee with ID 07133? pkx of a legit one or pkm pls
  15. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7wE1jBTWGR1b202OWlJdGRtN0U/view?usp=sharing my french amaura wc6
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