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  1. Hi. I'm seeing a thread with a question of similar nature involving asking for information about how a certain mechanic works in this same section of the forum, so I hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting this here. Does anyone have reliable or trustworthy documentation about the battle mechanics that can be triggered if the Player's Pokémon has high affection or friendship? The closest thing I've been able to find is Bulbapedia's article on the matter, but it's not exactly complete. For example, it doesn't mention what's the chance that a Pokémon has to avoid a move in battle. Thanks in advance for reading!
  2. Hi. I need to check if multi battles triggered during the story in newer Pokémon games have custom text strings when the Player and their partner lose. I see there's a battle with Hau against some Team Skull grunts in Diglett's Tunnel, but I probably already completed that event in my main savefile (which I haven't touched in some time, to the point that I barely remember the events of the story because I don't think I liked the game), so I'd like to know if perhaps someone around here knows which flag or flags that event uses, so I can unset/clear them using PkHex and then repeat that event. Thanks!
  3. I am more than willing to. I just don't really know what steps to take in order to address some of those legality errors, like for example the one about the "Unable to match to a Mystery Gift in the database" one. No matter, I'll look into it later. Thanks and sorry for having bothered you guys.
  4. It seems to be transferable to USUM though. As I understand it, you can transfer it from the SM Demo to the full release and from there to USUM. Can PkHex not make adjustments to make things fit? Or alternatively, how can I do it myself? It's just a minor nitpick of course, but I don't really like the legality warnings, so if I could have a fixed-for-USUM Battle Bond Greninja and export it to my folder to make use of it whenever.
  5. I have to test out something quickly in USUM about Battle Bond's behavior, but my savefile doesn't have an Ash Greninja. I went to Tools -> Data -> Mystery Gift Database, filtered by Species (Greninja) and Viewed the data of the 3rd Greninja shown to me by PkHex. The thing is, PkHex marks it as an illegal Pokémon. What should I do?
  6. Hi. I know this may sound like an unusual request, but I seriously need a savefile that meets this criteria. I basically need a savefile with multiple different Pokémon (it doesn't matter which ones), but they all need to have a different trainer memo entry. For example, here's 3 different species with 3 different Trainer Memo info entries: Thanks in advance for reading ^^
  7. Just in case anyone cares, Pokémon XY are still unplayable on Citra. The freezes are still there. However, I'd like to know how to modify the Player's nickname. I tried opening the main file with HxD and Ctrl+F'd "citra" and "Citra" but it didn't find anything.
  8. I suppose this thread is as good as dead, but I'll just drop it here just in case. Is there any way to use this code in NO$GBA? Whenever I add it after replacing the XXX for a 1F6 (GB Player), the code appears with a [?] box in the NO$GBA's cheats window and the code itself obviously doesn't work, could be because I'm trying it with a French ROM. I thought about asking the guy himself personally, but since he's been off since 2012, that'll most likely not gonna work. EDIT: Okay, nevermind, found a working code. I'll leave it here just in case: 94000130 FCFF0000 B21118A0 00000000 20009E4C 00000003 10009E50 000001F6 D2000000 00000000 Instructions: 1) Pulse L+R (I usually do it when I'm about to move from a warp to another, just in case) 2) Go to any PokeMart 3) Speak with the Green Suited Events NPC and he'll give you a GB Player. Again, this is supposed to work in French ROMs. (Why am I using one? I'm playing a French HackROM )
  9. Even tho I don't understand French pretty much at all, I'm giving this a go because of Crystal and all those pretty changes. Also, wanted to drop these non-experience-breaking Action Replay codes that I've found over the internet and tested myself that worked. Instant message speed Go to the Pokemon Summary while holding: L to view the EVs, R to view the IVs. It would be better if we could also disable the attack animations, but whatever, the game goes fast enough. Nice work, greetings from Uruguay <3 EDIT: LOLWAT? I didn't expected for the Bug-Catcher before Violet City to have a Ledyba with Thunderpunch EDIT2: Wow, things are harder than I thought, I totally understimated the Sprout Tower and got rekt because of those Hoothoot anihilating me after the Bellsprouts effort, I guess I'll have to take this more seriously By the way, I'm kinda intrigued, how did you enabled 60FPS in these NDS Roms? It's pretty freaking awesome, no more feeling like a retard running at turtle pace, yaay. ^ EDIT: Nvm, found the way to remove the Framerate Limiter on my own, thanks to Google. EDIT3: Had to restart my save because of some unnecesary-to-explain things and my Lv12 Totodile is getting rekt with the very 2nd trainer of the game, Pidgey's Sand Attack and Hoothoot's Hypnosis are a brutal combo, add to that the fact that you forced the players to not be able to use items in Trainerbattles and you have some serious troubles since the very beginning. EDIT4: And I thought at first that you changed the GB Sounds for the NDS ones and viceversa in a way that using the GB Player would enable the NDS Style for the songs, but nope, even if you enable the GB Player, it restarts the map's music using the GB Sounds so there's no way to actually use the NDS tracks at the player's will, that's not really cool.
  10. Hi. Long short story: I've caught an Elekid, was happily playing Volt White 2, I'm retarded enough to press ALT+F4 for literally no reason at all, did it, got pissed off and decided to re-create the Elekid that i've caught. (The only thing I decided for it apart of his not-working nickname is his Nature tho) So.. I'm basically trying to name it "StaticShock", but In-Game it's apparently called " " and his friends usually call him "StaticShock?????Ï??" How can I solve this? I've tried both, enabling and disabling the "Nicknamed" Checkbox, it's useless.
  11. If the models of the different buildings and routes and stuff are modifiable, it should be possible. Certainly hard as hell, but possible Cya~
  12. Hi. I'm new here, i just wanted to ask.. How can i RNG Abuse a wild pokemon in Pokemon FireRed? I'm a total novice when talking about RNG.. the only thing i did in my life was to get a Shiny Shinx egg in Platinum, and after that, never tried this.. method again. Now i'm playing again FireRed (Using VBA 1.7.2 Link) and i wanted to ask that.. if i can get a Wild RNG Abused Pokémon (31 IVs in the important stats, specific nature, shiny) I'll be waiting for your comments, thanks for reading <3 (Oh, i also know how to find my seed, but thats the most far i know ) Cya~
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