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  1. this should do not sure if other tools exist other then rng reporter 380 - Latias - 3DC67FD4761D.pk5
  2. It actually starts at 0x109428 and is script 5428 the full script decompiled into PKSV
  3. For the Entei script this is some stuff i found https://imgur.com/a/KBDYt https://hax.iimarckus.org/files/scriptingcodes_eng.htm#AwBsp5E scripting codes i found here
  4. This is the non used pikachu encounter pikachu 025 - Pikachu - 2025E3481CFA.pk7
  5. I can get it no problem ill build a rom ill post it here when i get it
  6. I do see a pikachu encounter i think it was suppose to be in the trail for the fire zstone as its between those encounters salandit pikachu marowak marowak salazzle Maybe this is the pikachu routine you where talking about Pikachu lvl 20 form 0 electro ball twave quick attack and play nice shiny locked
  7. There is no zygarde encounter in the static encounter for SM this is in romfs unlike gen6
  8. Thats a kommo-o thats part of the japanese trailer that got released today
  9. Both pokemon 460 - Abomasnow - ED4A0C39F889.pk6 664 - Scatterbug - 110D55098845.pk6
  10. Yeah i can upload it and i can get the abomasnow aswell Need to rebuild a new rom for it and switch the pidgey encounter with the abomasnow one after work ill get on it and upload both
  11. I did manage to switch the encounters around i also found out why it wasn't working the first times yay update data
  12. So far nothing is working on static encounter edits starter , gift pokemon etc boots fine and works no problem tried with only pidgey scatterbug and only mewtwo abomasnow and both changed on GW 4.5 GW 9.2 (3ds and cia) and Luma 7.1 Luma 8.1 (cia) the game "works" until you get out of bed and then you get the black screen this was all done with X version edit : i also tried with a save after the intro but the game boots into black screen after you load the save
  13. what exacly do you need and ill try to rebuild a rom with the changes and send the information you want
  14. I can help with the romhack I have succesfully rebuild and played romhack The problem i had with getting the cro edits to work with gateway is the patching when i didn't patch it the game booted fine this is not the case with cro patched it keeps hanging on the 3ds logo
  15. Will be given away from November 17 2017 until ?? Source : http://www.serebii.net/news/2017/08-August-2017.shtml
  16. Looks like the pikachu is nature locked to hardy (Original Cap)
  17. Hat pikachu & Pikashumium Z Crystal to be destributed for pre booking Movie ticket Original Cap from April 15th to May 1st repeated July 19th to July 31st. Hoenn Cap from May 3rd to May 15th repeated August 2nd to August 14th. Sinnoh Cap from May 17th to May 29th repeated August 16th to August 28th. Unova Cap from May 31st to June 12th repeated on August 30th to September 11th Kalos Cap from June 14th to June 26th repeated September 13th to 25th. Alola Cap from June 28th to July 17th repeated from September 27th to October 9th Sources http://www.serebii.net/news/2017/12-March-2017.shtml
  18. For Japan there is also a 2 x100 pokeball code if you buy the double pack Source: http://www.serebii.net/news/2016/15-June-2016.shtml
  19. The textures are in the .pt files you need to open them through the texture tab on ohana
  20. yeah all 3 went through without any problem and i can use em online
  21. anything special you need it for i just transferd 3 (02010 MICHINA eng 11059 Michina eng and 11079 TRU jpn)
  22. you have to make sure it has the same amount of virts triangles and bones
  23. files 162-170 for alpha saphire files 848-856 for omega ruby textures a/0/1/4 file_24.bin
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