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  1. Previous Generation Link - Ho-oh

    The nickname on this is not accurate and gives an illegal flag in PKHeX. Might want to fix that.
  2. Get an error when trying to change the OT Gender. Tried it on a couple versions of Windows. Doesn't do this in the Gen 6 version.
  3. You just need the Cyber Saves Editor and a Japanese copy of the game. If you can't run homebrew or RegionThree then you'll need to have a Japanese 3DS to play the game (since it's Japanese).
  4. Skin Color Change in PKHex

    Cool thanks guys. This looks like a lot of fun
  5. Skin Color Change in PKHex

    Is there an option in PKHex to change the skin color of the trainer? I'm I just not seeing or is it not in there?
  6. You can buy them on amazon or ebay. Here is the company's official website:
  7. Editing trainer info B2/W2

    Posting this again because it's extremely relevant: Trainer Info AR Code Generator I don't get why this was deleted last time. This thread is about editing the trainer information in black2white2 and I created a tool to do just that. It's a lot faster than manually editing the code. Would appreciate a PM to if you guys just delete my posts for no good reason in the future.