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  1. The fourth gym is doing reaaallly weird for some reason... EDIT: After a turn, it says: The foe's JANOBII goes back to HADERIA. But I was fighting to a EMONGA from Kamitsure... And just when I use my HIYAKKI it says: The foe's JANOBII goes back to HIYAKKI or The foe's JANOBII goes back to 000??????????00????????.
  2. OMG! That's a dream for me to come true! I really loved Gold and Silver, and actually, I'm playing it right now If i ever see Mr Nintendo in real life I'm gonna say: Nintendo: I LOVE YOU
  3. Wasn't there already a remake for GBA? It was named Shine Gold or something.
  4. Kiekoes


    Cause i buy every week 3 or 4 manga's Well, i just got my new package from Benippon: Pocket Monsters Special Vol 1 Pocket Monsters Special Vol 2 Pocket Monsters Special Vol 3 Pocket Monsters Special Vol 7 Pocket Monsters Special Vol 8 Shaman King Vol 24 Shaman King Vol 26 Shaman King Vol 29 Shaman King Vol 30 Shaman King Vol 32 Deltora Quest Vol 1 Deltora Quest Vol 2 Deltora Quest Official Guide Book That's all folks!
  5. Cool, why is there a question mark behind There?
  6. @pokemonfan: Yeah you're right, if forgot because i found a ''own language'' topic on the most of the other forums I'm activ on. English transalating of the Dutch text: Are there any other Dutch people on the forum. I just wanted to know so we can talk in dutch here, then you don't have to use all that English grammar. You can lock this topic, i'm sorry for opening it.
  7. I really want to get that Arceus! It looks really cool. But why is it already Lv 100 :confused: @pokemonfan: Cool, if you cheat again, can you bring some Arceus meat for me to? (Just Kidding )
  8. A Zapdos EX From FireRedLeafGreen series. I got it from a BoosterPack.
  9. OOOH Kawaii Ok, we're friends! We're Turt-Char buddies
  10. My Turtwig ownes every single Pokémon. I'm sure of it! Turtwig is the best Pokémon there is!
  11. Why won't you use Peck, that's Super Effective Butt in any conditions, my Turtwig ownes every Pokémon at any level.
  12. I don't care about Piplup or Chimchar, Turtwig is the best. With every Sinnoh Pokémon game I choosed him. Turtwig is the best, no discussion.
  13. But if someone holds your Chimchar mouth closed so he can't use Fire Attacks, and then my über awesome Turtwig used Leaf Storm then he owned your Chimchar.
  14. Ehm no, Turtwig is owning Chimchar and Piplup. And if Drifloon where a starter then that would be funny
  15. Zijn hier nog andere Nederlandse forum leden? Ik wou het gewoon even weten, kunnen we hier in het Nederlands praten, hoef je tenminste niet al die Engelse grammatica toe te passen
  16. Kiekoes


    I'm a Manga addict I just can't stop buying them, in 2 years I collected 200+ manga's!
  17. Hello to every Pokémon Fan on this forum! I'm Kiekoes, and here's some personal information: Real Name: Bas Age: 13 DOB: 8 March Nationality: Dutch* (Nederlands) Favourite Food: Macaroni Bolognese Favourite Animé: Shoujo Sect, Pokémon (Movies Only), Mai-HiME, Bleach Favourite Manga: Bleach, Shaman King (KanZenBang), Pocket Monsters Special Favourite Animal: Tiger List of my Pokémon Games: Pokemon Blue EUR Pokemon Red EUR Pokemon Gold USA Pokemon Silver EUR Pokémon Ruby EUR Pokemon Sapphire EUR Pokemon LeafGreen EUR Pokemon FireRed EUR Pokemon Emerald USA Pokemon Diamond USA Pokemon Pearl USA Pokemon Pearl KOR Pokemon Platinum JP Pokemon Platinum USA Pokemon Dash EUR Pokemon Link (Trozei) EUR Pokemon Battle Revolution EUR Pokemon Colloseum EUR Pokemon BOX Ruby Sapphire EUR Favourite Book Serie: Deltora Quest Favourite Game: Mario Kart DS, Pokemon Pearl Maybe the dutch guys here know me as Manga-Fan-Bas from Aniway Forums! *I'm Dutch so maybe there are some spelling faults in my posts.
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