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  1. Save File Dumping and Injection is available here. This requires you use a 3ds on system nand 9.0-9.5. You CANNOT use any other firmware, nor a new nintendo 3ds, nor a 3ds on 9.x emunand. This will NOT work on a Korean 3DS at the moment. 한국판 닌텐도3DS에는 불가능합니다. If it isn't working, please clear your browser history and cookies and try again. Please do not discuss Pokemon legality help in this thread. (Questions such as "why can't I trade this mon/battle with it/etc") The place for that is here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?40-Pok%E9mon-Legality This is a method based off of Yifan Lu's spider3DSTools (https://github.com/yifanlu/Spider3DSTools) to inject pokemon into your game with nothing more than a 9.X Sysnand 3ds and an SD card reader. You can see it in action here: If you would like to import and export more than one pokemon at a time, see here. Instructions: 1. Download code.bin from the bottom of this post and put it at the root of your 3ds's SD card. 2. Using PKHeX (http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?36986-PKHeX-(Gen-6-SAV-PKX-Editor)), save a pokemon (any pokemon) as "pokemon.ekx". Alternatively, download a sample hoopa from the bottom of this post. Copy that file to your SD card, and make sure it's named "pokemon.ekx". 3. On your 3ds, open up the game you want to inject to. Make sure you don't have anything in Box 1, slot 1. 4. Close your boxes in-game, open your web browser, and go to http://loadcode.projectpokemon.org -- After the web browser crashes, open up your game and the pokemon should be in box 1 slot 1. If it doesn't work, please let me know so that I can give you a file that will let me debug why it isn't working and fix whatever the issue is. Source: http://pastebin.com/mHB0XPfL Update at 3 PM 1-24-15: Fixed a bug that was causing it to not inject properly. Update at 1 AM 1-25-15: Added an example pokemon for people to test the exploit. Image Tutorial by Kamek for finding SID: Frequently Asked Questions > What's the root directory? The Root directory of your SD card is the base folder. C: \ is the root of the C Drive, etc. > What is emunand? Am I on Sysnand or Emunand? If you have to ask this question and/or don't know what either of those words mean, you are on Sysnand and this will work. > When I run the exploit, I get a bad egg! Your pokemon.ekx file is not actually a .ekx. It is probably a .pkx. Make sure you are saving it correctly from PKHeX. > How can I get my SID? Open your injectiondebug.bin (generated when you run the exploit) in the latest version of PKHeX. > The exploit isn't working! When I run it, nothing happens, and I don't have an injectiondebug.bin! Clear your 3ds browser's cache/cookies. Scroll down to the bottom of settings and hit "Initialize Save Data", then try again. > What does this work on? This works on Old 3ds and old 3ds XL firmwares 9.0-9.4. > When do I trigger this? Load the website in the 3ds browser AFTER opening the game and making sure there's nothing in box 1 slot 1. > I didn't get a pokedex entry for the pokemon I injected! This is normal. If you want the dex entry, put the pokemon into pokebank and then take it out. > Can I use this to move multiple Pokemon at once? This is only for single Pokemon files. Use a Single Box Importer/Exporter or the Full PC Importer/Exporter for this. Download: code.zip Hoops (Example Pokemon).zip
  2. It's probably too early for a total ROM revamp because how to successfully edit scripts is still as of yet not documented or achieved, so I'm not entirely sure that you can make a hack as ambitious as that quite yet. But, if you're interested in making a Gen VI ROM hack you'd do well to familiarize yourself with the tools that do exist right now. If you want to edit Maps and 3D Models, get familiar with using Ohana3DS, currently the only tool capable of editing the .BCH model format used by the game: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?44168-Ohana3DS-(BCH-Tool) Most other things documented and editable can be edited with pk3DS: https://github.com/kwsch/pk3DS I would also get familiar with hex editing (I use HxD), as if you want to edit data for which a tool doesn't currently exist that's the only method. My advice would be to start small and work your way up -- before you try to make something so ambitious, make something smaller -- a hack with edited wild encounters and text, and slowly progress your way upwards.
  3. Uh, what? I just successfully edited a card's text using the newest version of the program. What, exactly, is the problem? This program currently doesn't actually know what the japanese text is -- that sounds like an issue with the Japanese games rather than with the program I can look into making a JP program, though.
  4. Interesting, I'll look into it when I get a chance. That's not a problem -- it's an intentional way of making cards edited by wc6 editor differentiable from raw, unedited (or hex edited) cards. It's so that I can tell when event contributions are faked. The changes have no impact on the legality of pokemon generated with edited cards.
  5. SciresM

    Relearn moves?

    Relearn moves are moves that the pokemon got as egg moves (or special moves in events) that can be relearned from a move relearner in addition to normal level up moves.
  6. Nice catch! When I made PKHeX load predefined data from a .bin instead of having big tables in the .cs files, I forgot to swap the order of the EXPtable columns to make them match. Thanks!
  7. I updated this program to support ORAS exclusive stuff. Have fun!
  8. Here are wc6 files for all of the Japanese Scrap Pokemon: Pokemon Scrap WC6s.zip
  9. SciresM

    ORAS Save Structure

    OR/AS Save files are comprised of 4 sections, the latter two storing the contents of the two savegames. The structure of the save is extremely similar to Pokemon X/Y's, with the majority of structural changes being the shifting of the positions of partitions. The game alternates between the two game saves similar to Generations 3 & 4 and X/Y. Save files are 0x100000 (1MB). The area between sections is either FF or 00, for Cartridges and Digital saves respectively. Single Partition Save File http://3dbrew.org/wiki/Savegames Image Header (0x00000-0x00460) Offset Length Hash Details Description 00000 0x10 0x0: Uses the AES Engine & KeyY AES MAC Header 00100 0x100 0x16C: (SHA256) 0x000-0x12C of active DIFI DISA 00200 0x12C 0x30C: (SHA256) 1st IVFC Hash copied to 0x200 zero array DIFI Blob 1 00330 0x12C 0x43C: (SHA256) 1st IVFC Hash copied to 0x200 zero array DIFI Blob 2 First Partition (0x01000-0x01107) Offset Description 01000 DPFS Partition Save File 1 (0x02000 - 0x75FFF) (420 KB) Offset Description 02000 IVFC Hash Region 03000 SAVE Header (0x3F0 medias, 0x200 length) = 0x7E000 total 03100 SAVE Data ID Start Length CHK Description 0000 5400 000002C8 75E1A 05400 - Pokepuff Inventory (Index * 100ct) 05464 - u32 Received Counter 0001 5800 00000B90 75E22 05800 - Items Pocket 05E40 - Key Items Pocket 05FC0 - TM Pocket 06170- Medicine Pocket 06270 - Berry Pocket 0002 6400 0000002C 75E2A Select Bound Items 0003 6600 00000038 75E32 ???? 0004 6800 00000150 75E3A Trainer Stat Tracking 0005 6A00 00000004 75E42 ???? 0006 6C00 00000008 75E4A u32 Time Played + u32 Adventure Started 0007 6E00 000001C0 75E52 Wardrobe (Bitflags) & Saved Outfits (Index #s) - Unused in ORAS 0008 7000 000000BE 75E5A u16/u8 storage 0009 7200 00000024 75E62 FFFFFFFF 000A 7400 00002100 75E6A Overworld Data 0x108 per Overworld Entity 000B 9600 00000130 75E72 Trainer Information ($) 000C 9800 00000440 75E7A Box Names [0x22] Box Name (* 31) [0x01] Box Background *31 [0x03] Background Unlock Flags 000D 9E00 00000574 75E82 Battle Box 000E A400 00004E28 75E8A PSS Data - Friends 000F F400 00004E28 75E92 PSS Data - Acquaintances 0010 14400 00004E28 75E9A PSS Data - Passerby 0011 19400 00000170 75EA2 Trainer Card (ID/SID/OT/Greeting) 0012 19600 0000061C 75EAA Party Members 0013 19E00 00000504 75EB2 Constant & Event Flags 19E78 - Ash Counter 0x1A0FC-0x1A27B - Event Bitflags (0x180 * 8) 0014 1A400 000011CC 75EBA Pokedex & Encounter Count 0x1A400 - Constant? 0x2F120F17 0x1A004 - u32 counter (?) 0x1A408 - 0x60 Region 1 - Owned 0x1A468 - 0x60 Region 2 - Encountered Male 0x1A4C8 - 0x60 Region 3 - Encountered Female 0x1A528 - 0x60 Region 4 - Encountered Male * 0x1A588 - 0x60 Region 5 - Encountered Female * 0x1A5E8 - 0x60 Region 6 - Displayed Male 0x1A648 - 0x60 Region 7 - Displayed Female 0x1A6A8 - 0x60 Region 8 - Displayed Male * 0x1A708 - 0x60 Region 9 - Displayed Female * 0x1A768 - 0x26 Form Bitflag Region 1 - Encountered form 0x1A78E - 0x26 Form Bitflag Region 2 - Encountered form * 0x1A7B4 - 0x26 Form Bitflag Region 3 - Displayed form 0x1A7DA - 0x26 Form Bitflag Region 4 - Displayed form* 0x1A800 - 0x27C 7bit/entry flags (Language) 0x1AA7C - u32 ??? 0? 0x1AA80 - Spinda Spot Pattern (First EC encountered) 0x1AA86 - Encounter Counts 0015 1B600 00000644 75EC2 Sorted Variables 0016 1BE00 00000104 75ECA Fused Zekrom/Reshiram Storage 0017 1C000 00000004 75ED2 ???? 0018 1C200 00000420 75EDA ???? 0019 1C800 00000064 75EE2 O-Power Flags 001A 1CA00 000003F0 75EEA ???? 001B 1CE00 0000070C 75EF2 User Metadata 001C 1D600 00000180 75EFA GTS Upload & Match Criteria 001D 1D800 00000004 75F02 87B1A23F const 001E 1DA00 0000000C 75F0A ???? 001F 1DC00 00000048 75F12 Repel Info, (Swarm?) and other overworld info 0020 1DE00 00000054 75F1A ???? 0021 1E000 00000644 75F22 WiFi Tournament Data 0022 1E800 000005C8 75F2A Live Tournament Data 0023 1EE00 000002F8 75F32 MAC Address & Network Connection Logging (0x98 per entry) 0024 1F200 00001B40 75F3A Hall of Fame Data (First Game Clear + 15 Latest) 0x48 per Pokemon Slot; capped with 4 bytes at end (total 0x1B4) 0x00 - Species 0x02 - Held Item 0x04 - Move 1 0x06 - Move 2 0x08 - Move 3 0x0A - Move 4 0x0C - Encryption Key 0x10 - TID 0x12 - SID 0x14 - [Nicknamed,1][Shiny,1][Level,7][Gender,2][Form,5] bits 0x16 - Unused 0x18 - Nickname (0x16) + 0x3F80 end 0x30 - Trainer Name (0x16) + 0x3F80 end Last 4 bytes: 0x00 - # of Hall of Fame Victory 0x01 - [Unk,1][Day of Month,5][Month,4][Year,8] bits 0025 20E00 000001F4 75F42 Maison Data 205C0 - u16 Current Singles Streak 205C2 - u16 Current Super Singles Streak 205C4 - u16 Best Singles Streak 205C6 - u16 Best Super Singles Streak 205C8 - u16 Current Doubles Streak 205CA - u16 Current Super Doubles Streak 205CC - u16 Best Doubles Streak 205CE - u16 Best Super Doubles Streak 205D0 - u16 Current Triples Streak 205D2 - u16 Current Super Triples Streak 205D4 - u16 Best Triples Streak 205D6 - u16 Best Super Triples Streak 205D8 - u16 Current Rotation Streak 205DA - u16 Current Super Rotation Streak 205DC - u16 Best Rotation Streak 205DE - u16 Best Super Multi Streak 205E0 - u16 Current Multi Streak 205E2 - u16 Current Super Multi Streak 205E4 - u16 Best Multi Streaks 205E6 - u16 Best Super Multi Streak 0026 21000 000003E0 75F4A Daycare Data (Larger than XY) u32 (Slot 1) Occupied Flag u32 (Slot 1) Steps Taken Since Depositing1 xE8 (Slot 1) Box EK6 1 u32 (Slot 2) Occupied Flag u32 (Slot 2) Steps Taken Since Depositing2 xE8 (Slot 2) Box EK6 2 u64 Flag (egg available) u64 RNG Seed 0027 21400 00000216 75F52 Index Number Related Data 0028 21800 00000640 75F5A Berry Field Data (0x10 per tree, 100 trees) 0029 22000 00001A90 75F62 Wondercard Data 0x100 bitflag-card received storage Wondercard slots (0x108 between) 002A 23C00 00000400 75F6A SUBE data (XY: Old Man) - purpose unknown. 002B 24000 00000618 75F72 Friend Safari Data 002C 24800 0000025C 75F7A PSS Data 24970 (0x20) - Pokemon Bank (application?) data 002D 24C00 00000834 75F82 PSS Friend Data [0x15]*100 entries 002E 25600 00000318 75F8A Super Training Data 24610 - Mission Best Times (seconds as 4 byte floats)*30 24788 - u32 Species That Scored Best Time*30 24908 - Bag Inventory (12 bags) 002F 25A00 000007D0 75F92 ???? 0030 26200 00000C48 75F9A Pokemon Link Gifts 0x25E44 - u16 checksum (ccitt16, 0xFFFF initial) of 0x25400-0x25E43 0031 27000 00000078 75FA2 Index Number Related Data 0032 27200 00000200 75FAA PGL Promotion Gifts 0033 27400 00000C84 75FB2 ???? 0034 28200 00000628 75FBA Data Block (Purpose Unknown) u64 Length byte[Length] data 0035 28A00 00000400 75FC2 Contest Data 0036 28E00 00007AD0 75FCA Secret Base (Favorites) 0037 30A00 000078B0 75FD2 Secret Base (Passerby) & Passerby Event Values 0038 38400 00034AD0 75FDA Box Data (31 Boxes, 30 Slots, 232 bytes each) 0039 6D000 0000E058 75FE2 Picture Data (JPEG Exif Ver 2.2) ---- 75E00 00000800 ----- Checksum Storage [0x14] Header: u64 savetime1 & u64 savetime2 (First five bytes Anti-Savegame Restore Secure Value), u16 BEEF magic [0x10] Checksum Entries: u32 len, u16 ID, u16 checksum (ccitt16, 0xFFFF initial) Save File 2 (0x81000 - 0xF1FFF) (420 KB) Same as Game Save 1's offsets; add 0x7F000. IVFC Hash Region SHA256 Hash over a 0x1000 large block (4096 bytes). Start End Hash Location 2020 203F 2000 - First Hash: Copied to 0x200 zero array. 2040 2FFF 2020 - Second Hash: Copied to 0x1000 zero array. 3000 3FFF 2040 4000 4FFF 2060 5000 5FFF 2080 6000 6FFF 20A0 7000 7FFF 20C0 8000 8FFF 20E0 9000 9FFF 2100 A000 AFFF 2120 B000 BFFF 2140 C000 CFFF 2160 D000 DFFF 2180 E000 EFFF 21A0 F000 FFFF 21C0 10000 10FFF 21E0 11000 11FFF 2200 12000 12FFF 2220 13000 13FFF 2240 14000 14FFF 2260 15000 15FFF 2280 16000 16FFF 22A0 17000 17FFF 22C0 18000 18FFF 22E0 19000 19FFF 2300 1A000 1AFFF 2320 1B000 1BFFF 2340 1C000 1CFFF 2360 1D000 1DFFF 2380 1E000 1EFFF 23A0 1F000 1FFFF 23C0 20000 20FFF 23E0 21000 21FFF 2400 22000 22FFF 2420 23000 23FFF 2440 24000 24FFF 2460 25000 25FFF 2480 26000 26FFF 24A0 27000 27FFF 24C0 28000 28FFF 24E0 29000 29FFF 2500 2A000 2AFFF 2520 2B000 2BFFF 2540 2C000 2CFFF 2560 2D000 2DFFF 2580 2E000 2EFFF 25A0 2F000 2FFFF 25C0 30000 30FFF 25E0 31000 31FFF 2600 32000 32FFF 2620 33000 33FFF 2640 34000 34FFF 2660 35000 35FFF 2680 36000 36FFF 26A0 37000 37FFF 26C0 38000 38FFF 26E0 39000 39FFF 2700 3A000 3AFFF 2720 3B000 3BFFF 2740 3C000 3CFFF 2760 3D000 3DFFF 2780 3E000 3EFFF 27A0 3F000 3FFFF 27C0 40000 40FFF 27E0 41000 41FFF 2800 42000 42FFF 2820 43000 43FFF 2840 44000 44FFF 2860 45000 45FFF 2880 46000 46FFF 28A0 47000 47FFF 28C0 48000 48FFF 28E0 49000 49FFF 2900 4A000 4AFFF 2920 4B000 4BFFF 2940 4C000 4CFFF 2960 4D000 4DFFF 2980 4E000 4EFFF 29A0 4F000 4FFFF 29C0 50000 50FFF 29E0 51000 51FFF 2A00 52000 52FFF 2A20 53000 53FFF 2A40 54000 54FFF 2A60 55000 55FFF 2A80 56000 56FFF 2AA0 57000 57FFF 2AC0 58000 58FFF 2AE0 59000 59FFF 2B00 5A000 5AFFF 2B20 5B000 5BFFF 2B40 5C000 5CFFF 2B60 5D000 5DFFF 2B80 5E000 5EFFF 2BA0 5F000 5FFFF 2BC0 60000 60FFF 2BE0 61000 61FFF 2C00 62000 62FFF 2C20 63000 63FFF 2C40 64000 64FFF 2C60 65000 65FFF 2C80 66000 66FFF 2CA0 67000 67FFF 2CC0 68000 68FFF 2CE0 69000 69FFF 2D00 6A000 6AFFF 2D20 6B000 6BFFF 2D40 6C000 6CFFF 2D60 6D000 6DFFF 2D80 6E000 6EFFF 2DA0 6F000 6FFFF 2DC0 70000 70FFF 2DE0 71000 71FFF 2E00 72000 72FFF 2E20 73000 73FFF 2E40 74000 74FFF 2E60 75000 75FFF 2E80 Pokepuff Index Numbers Index Name 00 Empty 01 Sweet Basic Pokepuff 02 Mint Basic Pokepuff 03 Citrus Basic Pokepuff 04 Mocha Basic Pokepuff 05 Spice Basic Pokepuff 06 Sweet Frosted Pokepuff 07 Mint Frosted Pokepuff 08 Citrus Frosted Pokepuff 09 Mocha Frosted Pokepuff 0A Spice Frosted Pokepuff 0B Sweet Fancy Pokepuff 0C Mint Fancy Pokepuff 0D Citrus Fancy Pokepuff 0E Mocha Fancy Pokepuff 0F Spice Fancy Pokepuff 10 Sweet Deluxe Pokepuff 11 Mint Deluxe Pokepuff 12 Citrus Deluxe Pokepuff 13 Mocha Deluxe Pokepuff 14 Spice Deluxe Pokepuff 15 Wish Supreme Pokepuff 16 Honor Supreme Pokepuff 17 Spring Supreme Pokepuff 18 Summer Supreme Pokepuff 19 Fall Supreme Pokepuff 1A Winter Supreme Pokepuff Super Training Bag Index Numbers Index Name 00 Empty 01 HP Bag S 02 HP Bag M 03 HP Bag L 04 ATK Bag S 05 ATK Bag M 06 ATK Bag L 07 Def Bag S 08 Def Bag M 09 Def Bag L 0A Sp.A Bag S 0B Sp.A Bag M 0C Sp.A Bag L 0D Sp.D Bag S 0E Sp.D Bag M 0F Sp.D Bag L 10 Speed Bag S 11 Speed Bag M 12 Speed Bag L 13 Strength Bag 14 Toughen Up Bag 15 Swiftness Bag 16 Big-Shot Bag 17 Double-Up Bag 18 Team Flare Bag 19 Reset Bag 1A Soothing Bag Form Dex Index Forms follow the same index as used in the pokémon data structure (i.e. first unown form is "A"...) Mega Pokémon have a flag for non-mega form (regardless of gender) and for mega form. Parenthesis indicates how many form flags there are. Unown (28) Deoxys (4) Shaymin (2) Giratina (2) Rotom (6) Shellos (2) Gastrodon (2) Burmy (3) Wormadan (3) Castform (4) Cherrim (2) Deerling (4) Sawsbuck (4) Meloetta (2) Darmanitan (2) Basculin (2) Kyurem (3) Keldeo (2) Thundurus (2) Tornadus (2) Landorus (2) Vivillion (20) Flabebé (5) Floette (6) Florges (5) Pumkaboo (4) Gourgeist (4) Aegislash (2) Xerneas (2) Venusaur (2) Charizard (3) Blastoise (2) Alakazam (2) Gengar (2) Kangaskhan (2) Pinsir (2) Gyarados (2) Aerodactyl (2) Mewtwo (3) Ampharos (2) Scizor (2) Heracross (2) Houndoom (2) Tyranitar (2) Blaziken (2) Gardevoir (2) Mawile (2) Aggron (2) Medicham (2) Manectric (2) Banette (2) Absol (2) Latias (2) Latios (2) Garchomp (2) Lucario (2) Abomasnow (2) Pikachu (1) 5 unused bits --> (unused cosplay pikachu formes probably?) Cosplay Pikachu (1) Hoopa (2) Beedrill (2) Pidgeot (2) Slowbro (2) Steelix (2) Sceptile (2) Swampert (2) Sableye (2) Sharpedo (2) Camerupt (2) Altaria (2) Glalie (2) Salamence (2) Metagross (2) Rayquaza (2) Lopunny (2) Gallade (2) Audino (2) Diancie (2) Kyogre (2) Groudon (2) Arceus (18) Genesect (5) Furfrow (10) Pokémon Bank (application?) data This region is written every time Pokemon Bank saves. It is a copy of first 0x20 bytes of Pokemon Bank savefile (turtle). Maybe this is used to store information of the last application used with the game, but currently no other application that interacts with ORAS savegame writes this data (Pokémon ORAS Special Demo does not write to this region). Offset Description 0x00-0x04 Pokemon Bank unique ID? (seems linked to nnid) 0x05-0x08 Unknown (0x00) 0x09-0x0F Unknown, only present in turtle file (0x00 on game's savegame) 0x10-0x14 Bank usage counter backup (previous counter) 0x15-0x18 Bank usage counter 0x19-0x1F Pokemon Bank signature? (always 48CA0A0002000000)
  10. I made a personal.garc editor for Pokemon X/Y and OR/AS: Use it like you would RSWE or RSTE. XY Garc is a/2/1/8. RS Garc is a/1/9/5. Source is available on my github: https://github.com/SciresM/Personal-Editor Download link: Personal Editor.zip
  11. ...And, thanks to Kaphotics, who implemented Randomization in RSWE.
  12. I put the source of RSWE on GitHub today, and Kaphotics helped make it less inoptimized (and added drag/drop support.) Thanks, Kaphotics!
  13. Hey! You may remember XYTE and XYWE, which both have their own threads in this forum. I went ahead and updated them for ORAS: RSTE can edit and resave trainer data. RSWE can edit and resave wild encounter data. Note: Don't attempt to add encounters to a map that doesn't have any or remove all encounters from a map that does have them. ORAS Encdata is 1/0/1/3. ORAS trdata is a/0/3/6. ORAS trpoke is a/0/3/8. I can provide the source code of RSTE on request (PM me), but I'm warning you now that RSTE's source is garbage. RSWE Source: https://github.com/SciresM/RSWE Enjoy: RSTE.zip RSWE.zip
  14. That data is the date the card was received. It's not very important, but yeah, that's a bug that only happens when you save an item wondercard. I WILL BE RELEASING AN UPDATED VERSION OF THIS WITH SUPPORT FOR ORAS SOON.
  15. Hello! CGSE supports Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire now. Please download updated versions of the modified save editor in the first post.
  16. Big thanks to mastag25 for redeeming the code for this. Here's the wondercard for 100 potions that comes with the OR/AS dual pack: 527 - You have received 100 Potions!.zip
  17. Once ORAS release, I'll post this in a new thread. Made a copy of the XYWE project and updated it to support ORAS data (XYTE is also updated.)
  18. Yes, I have a decompiled C# project version of CGSE that I can edit and recompile at will. I know exactly how CGSE works
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