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  1. ok i wanna put some ar codes on my soul silver game but i cant find the games id. the one that i got from wikianswers is basically wrong or theres something wrong with the name. heres what i have tell me what i need to change. remember this is SOUL SILVER i want u can put heart gold but PLEASE put SOUL SILVER FIRST! ty in advance
  2. :eek: ok i need some help. I have an r4 card. k? i recorded a wifi battle and i wanna put that battle on youtube. im trying to put the game back on my computer so i can record it off of an emulator. one problem though......no$gba will not read the sav file because i think its a 512 kb sav file now. I really need help can some1 help me??!!! i need responses/tuts asap!!
  3. Here they are, codes for the TRU Shaymin and TRU Regigigas! I made these my self they are very strong and appear quite legit! I will post them in .zip files. Each folder will contain my AR code along with .pkm file. Shaymin: http://rapidshare.com/files/220649164/Shaymin.zip :eek: Regigigas: http://rapidshare.com/files/220648979/Regigigas.zip :eek:
  4. um im trying to make the shaymin i made to have the fateful encounter how do i do that??? Please and thnakyou in advance
  5. ummmm if you look aroud i dont know for shure if it is here. there is an ar code that was discovered for the japanese one and it was a cloning code
  6. yes in pokesav a pokemon can hold key items but once u take it away from it, it will be in your key items pocket
  7. yeah my pokesav wont let me get the complete sinnoh dex
  8. can someone make me a ar code for complete sinnoh dex please :eek: (by the way when i mean sinnoh i mean the 142 or 152 pokes that i have to see first in order to get the national dex)
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