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  1. but im confused why just ask for someone to trade you a shny mudkip egg??? sorry i just want to know what your end goal is? I know you want it for a sysbot, but if you want that bot to trade it to you why not just skip the middle man and have it traded to you from a real person that has a computer with pkhex who can just make you one and when it hatches it will have your id number if that is another thing your worried about?
  2. So your asking for a shiny mudkip then??? and not the pk8 file? because if you don't have a computer what do you plan on doing with the file??
  3. @Rickoto I'm sorry to hear that but your asking for a very specific file at a very specific time and place in the game! I wish there was someone out there that could help you but I'm sorry to say that the odds are not in your favor in this one my friend. Besides while it does suck that you lost your save data, I couldn't tell you how many times I and I'm sure others have had to replay through our games all over again! Think of it as a new adventure! Maybe you will encounter a random shiny the next time you play through the game? Or now that you know what the various trainers have in their parties you will be more prepared to fight them this time around. Was there something that you wanted to do but didn't? Now you have the opportunity again! So see there's pro's and cons to your situation but it will be ok! just have fun playing the Pokemon games!
  4. alright man take care have a good day and I got it in the frost cavern after beating abomasnow!
  5. ok lol here you go 123 - Blade - CECE0B1965AB.pk6
  6. I can change it if you want! just tell me what you want it to be
  7. im not good with nicknames lol see ya!
  8. Ok sorry it took so long I had to do something but here you go I hope this helps and if you need anything else feel free to let me know! 123 - green knife - CF270B1965AB.pk6
  9. sure let me grab it for you give me like three min to find it and ill dm you
  10. yes i can what did you need? is it for citra??
  11. lol im not if your ready now we can trade
  12. oh ok cause I have that one specifically so if he still wants it hopefully we can be on the website at the same time lol
  13. So just skimming over your conversation it seems like you got your scyther but if you still need the one that you specifically asked for I can still send it to you! If not I'm glad @theSLAYER was able to help you come to some sort of conclusion!
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