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  1. Multiple users on GBA Temp has confirmed this. Even seaulem did too. DO NOT UPDATE TO 9.5 -23 !!
  2. Yeah this pokebank thing works with ram2sav. I got the three starters again
  3. First of all im sorry if im posting this in the wrong fourm and if it is please move it to the right fourm. i need the USA Toys "R" Us wonder card id if anyone get give it to me and add the wonder card
  4. ah i see I might be using this alot ..
  5. This looks like a nice method for people who wants there pokemon seprately. You should make your script see by checking the friend code on the game so its easier to find. zoura..pkm
  6. Hey guys, i would like the orginal one that you get from the game by unleashing it during the battle with N. NOT A MODIFIED ONE!! i just want the pkms of both in a zip if possible or double link. Thanks!!
  7. Good work dude,, it was lunched a week ago an now you have over10,000 downlloads!! Thats good.. I got black so im gonna try it today hopefully. @ChalupaKing, yes, but sometimes you might get the smae pokemon and sometimes you might get a difrent one. Its just luck.
  8. Ya im planning to get most of the pokemon you have now to my dsemume emulator. Then transferr it to my acekard when i get a real ds.
  9. lol mines work. i got mines a few weeks ago and since my ds broke.. i couldnt play it. so i tried it on a friends ds and it work. 0shppingzone or realhotstuff is good,,
  10. Wow this is the first distrubution center thats for black and whtie and is public
  11. Hey guys if i may get the pkm file of zorua? that would be nice.. Plus it needs to be un modified. thanks!!
  12. Hey guys, Since the tsunami/earthquake in japan, the orginal date was set to march 30th but because of that japan had to conserve energy for that huge number of pokemon that will go into the dreamworld and so on.. The date is annouced to set April 13th, 2011. Lets hope there isnt another earthquake or anything this time Source :http://www.ripten.com/2011/04/07/pokemon-global-link-launch-date-announced-justin6464/ UPDATE: THIS DATE IS NOW UNCOMFIRMED. The info was up on pokemon.com then they took it down! so i might be worng stay tune for more updates!
  13. yo, Yea since ir-bw or whatever got released, did anyone make a 24/7 b/w distrucbution server yet? Cause im boredi rather get it from other people than making one my my pc
  14. Thanks!! I love you (no homo :biggrin::rolleyes::tongue: :grog:
  15. Hey guys, I want the legit victini the one in the usa thats having an event. The event victini. I need a pkm for that please thanks
  16. Well i found a program that send the cards to each other but need to dses made in 2009 I think you guys know it already.. But you guys can see how its structered and stuff..
  17. Man, i would get a pokemon from the distrubution list. But the fact is that my brother hid my heartgold.. Wich sucks alot.
  18. This is what i translated: Here you are! \ Xf000 븁 \ x0000 \ xfffe the lodge most of the work of your type \ xfffe Sure Aishou on the type of grass \ xf000 븁 \ x0000 Here you are! \ Xf000 븁 \ x0000 \ xfffe lodge the deeds of the water type \ xfffe Aishou Sure most of us on the type \ xf000 븁 \ x0000 Here you are! \ Xf000 븁 \ x0000 \ xfffe the work of the lodge grass type \ xfffe Sure Aishou the water type \ xf000 븁 \ x0000 There is one type missing. its the fire one..
  19. Nevermind.. ill get working on the translation.. P.S Where do we post it or upload? the translated files? Ill do 031 since no one did it .
  20. Hey i would like to help I want to do 0000.txt file one please reserve it?
  21. use ethier hyper gts or send pkm FIRST: You need your wireless router and make sure your firewall is temporarliy disabled. Second: Open your sav file using poke sav and the click save next to the pokemon name Third: after that download python and sendpkm Optional: If sendpkm isnt working get hypergts its faster also. fourth: Look at a send pkm tutorial
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