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  1. how do i skip back into a scrip? I know 1F 00 FF XX 00 00 00 is for skip forward, but when i found a script that skip back looks like 1E 00 A9 FF FF FF i dont see the relation between the value and the code amount it skips back pls help
  2. Hi, does anyone knows if exists a script that save the game without ask to the player, i want to force the saving after the player receives a pokémon but idk how
  3. Yes, there is a move editor i dont remember the name but you can find it in this forum, you need the nitro explorer too, to extract the a021 file from the rom, then edit the narc file you extracted with the move editor, after edit reinsert it to the rom using the nitro explorer, it is pretty easy
  4. What i have to edit to modifie the area where the pokemon appear in the pokedex? I mean those red point in the pokemon map info in the pokedex even editing the dex/wild encounter i dont know how to edit that pls help
  5. Mkds only allow me to open certain file formats how do i import an obj file to mkds??
  6. hi to everyone, i´ve trying to edit the title screen but is very complicated i want some help. I know a graphic in nds are those 3 files combined, so does anyone knows how to divide a single image file like a png image and divide it to NCGR, NSCR, NCLR (tile, map and pallet) how can i do that? ive tried in crystal tile but it save nothing i edit pls sorry my bad english
  7. Hi, the thing is that, we can export a model from sdsme to a obj file, but when i'm trying to import back to the game i need a nsbmd file so i can use the edited obj model, my question is how can I export/convert an obj file to nsbmd file to return it to the rom with sdsme?
  8. Oh i see.. Thank you I dont get this I have to edit them with the pptxt editor?? all I see is weird japannese words, are them encrypted or something?? What i have to do I dont get this I have to edit them with the pptxt editor?? all I see is weird japannese words, are them encrypted or something?? What i have to do Nvm already figured it out
  9. How can I program a rematch with each trainer in a determined area?? Without AR. Like talking to a person from area 1 and reset the flags of all the trainers from the area 2 i know a have to use the 24 00 XX XX to reset a flag but i dont know the flag for trainers, i know too the code for a battle but i just want to reset some trainers flag pls help
  10. Hi, is there a way to make a flag random turn on?? I want to make appear a npc but making it flag turn on randomly...
  11. Hi anyone can tell where are located the overworld item script?? Im using the npc editor and always the script for the overworld pokeballs are a weird 4-digits number, are those in the a056 narc?? How can i find them sorry by my bad english
  12. Is there any way to change the fade to white effect when exit the hidden grotto? I want to change it to fade-to-black
  13. Thanks i didnt knew that i have to add the 65 00 at the end just after 30 min of trial and error
  14. Can you make an example for the 3th one? The 024F one please
  15. Can anyone make an easier tutorial about moving a Npc?? Including an example like moving/walk a npc from xy position to xy position in normal/standard speed pls help
  16. a048 I think that's it, also there is a tool right here that export/import those sprite in png format just search a bit the BW 2 tools
  17. Hi, my question is where are located the trainer's flags?? I've search in the individual files from the a056.narc but i can't find anything to relate then to the trainers... I know the code to uncheck a flag is 24 00 XX XX and the code to check 23 00 XX XX pls help
  18. I think he wants to create some sort of legendary encounter (npc+encounter)
  19. Es un poco complicado pero todo esta en el narc a056 que se sub divide en 1200 y tantos archivitos y tienes que saber cual archivo corresponde a la zona en la que quieres que aparezca el pokemon para relacionarlo con un npc para saber que zona es se usa una especie de extencion del emulador desmume que muestra tu posicion y en que archivo de codigos correponde el area en que estas parado es complicado si sabes ingles y algo de conocimiento hexagecimal ayudara mas a entender para ver los tutoriales y cosas que expliquen mejor aqui
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