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  1. If this is just a Wine wrapper, you can download Wine yourself and run the Windows version using your own copy of Wine.
  2. Requesting a username change to Scotteh, if that's alright. E: Much appreciated.
  3. If you can use that website, you should be fine using PokéCheck. You can sign up, and transfer Pokémon from your game to their GTS database, and find out your SID. (The Pokémon stay on your game after transferral.)
  4. Find a spread with flawless IVs, then modify the SID to make it shiny afterwards. It's impossible to obtain a chained shiny Rayquaza through normal means.
  5. Wow, I'd completely forgotten about that... Odd.
  6. Unless you do a complete wipe (which if I recall correctly removes traces of HBC, don't quote me on this), they'll know if HB was on there. I've seen Nintendo refuse to fix Homebrewed Wiis, before, so I'm not sure.
  7. As said before, yeah, pretty much anything except Internet Explorer. I'm more of a Chrome person, though.
  8. Black, because Cottonee and Gothita.
  9. Apologies, but could someone here point me in the right direction of information regarding the terminator sequence in trash bytes in the Pokémon's name?
  10. Let's see... 1. There are methods, if you have wifi the easiest method is PokéCheck: http://pokecheck.kraftpaper.org/ 2. The egg would be perfectly fine, legality wise. 3. No, they can't if the parent isn't on the game (they still wouldn't be able to distinguish it from a hacked one if you do it correctly). 4. I highly doubt this, but I can't rule it out completely.
  11. Is Dream World Blaziken released in English yet?
  12. That's like asking if we still play Red after FireRed came out. Of course.
  13. If I recall correctly, PokéTransfer does not change PID, so it will use the same method as the game you moved it from.
  14. That's not even necessary, if you have wifi just use PokéCheck.
  15. Large bump is large, but just use PokéCheck for finding your SID. http://pokecheck.kraftpaper.org/
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