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  1. Just a quick question, the Pokemon that you catch in this version of the game, can you edit them in Pokesav/Pokegen as you would in an unpatched ROM?
  2. Doing my nightly rounds of the internet, listening to music (Pantera - Walk, if anyone was curious) and texting my other half. I live such an exciting life.
  3. Anyone play this horribly charming and surprisingly addictive game?
  4. I used Pokesav for some time, but I struggled to understand it fully (forgive me, I am an old fart) and I have downloaded Pokegen but so far all I've done is open it, freak out at how different it looks to what I (barely) know from Pokesav, then closed it again.
  5. My Munchlax named Bollard, although I did enjoy walking round with an Arceus for a while, just for the irony of walking around with a massive God-like Pokemon (as you do!)
  6. Hey all, long time lurker Clairabel here - well, my name's Claire, nice to finally pluck up the courage to write on here! I've been a massive Pokemon fan for over twelve years, since I first picked up Pokemon Red, traded cards with my friends and got up early before school to watch the anime. I still play Pokemon now, but I feel so out of my depth when it comes to serious training! I've dabbled with Pokesav and I've tried EV training but I'm such an old goat, I don't know where to start. So I'm hoping to float around here, getting to know all of you and pick up some hints and tips as I go along.
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