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  1. I know almost nothing about Pokemon breeding, but is it possible that Altaria can not lay a female Egg? Maybe that's my problem :tongue:
  2. I can't get this Pokemon to be legal for the life of me! I just created 5 others and sent them to my DS using the GTS transfer method and they all work perfectly fine on Wifi. I'm using the latest version of PokeGen for White 2. I've attached the PKM file and would be very grateful if anyone could help point out my mistake(s). ps: That PID is created when opening the file I'm not generating it, when I save it I leave the PID blank so it will generate it for me. [ATTACH]10867[/ATTACH]
  3. Is there a way to extract .pkm files from my game? Otherwise I'll have to remake the other 4 Pokemon and upload them tomorrow.
  4. Do Pokemon in PokeGen that are transfered from from Gen 4 need to have the correct PID? I know in Gen 5 PID is no longer based off IVs, but if a Pokemon is transfered does it need to follow the Gen 4 rules? I've just tried absolutely everything to get into the random Wifi matches and this is the only thing I can think may be wrong. I've downloaded the newest version of PokeGen because I read there was something wrong with Poke Transfered Pokemon but it didn't change anything. The only two transfered Pokemon I'm trying to use are a Wish support Vaporeon and a Light Clay Uxie.
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