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  1. lol actually i found it when prepared to leave my PC today I like I said i never released a program ... thats because i never wrote anything besides this checksum fixer... i assume the first part is for custom trainers but i dont completely remember. #include <stdio.h> main() { FILE *fp; fp = fopen("OrigKey.dmp", "rb"); unsigned long buffer; unsigned long add=0; FILE *fpout; fpout = fopen("Key.dmp","wb"); for(int i=0; i<0x2D+1; i++) { fread(&buffer, 4, 1, fp); fwrite(&buffer, 4, 1, fpout); add+=buffer; } fwrite(&add, 4, 1, fpout); fclose(fp); fclose(fpout); fp = fopen("yago.DMP", "rb"); fpout = fopen("yago-real.DMP","wb"); unsigned long chk=0; unsigned char u; for(int i=0; i<0x52C; i++) { if(i<0xC || i>=0x14) { u=fgetc(fp); chk+=u; fputc(u, fpout); } else fputc(fgetc(fp), fpout); } fwrite(&chk, 4, 1, fpout); printf("Chk: %08X", chk);// fclose(fp); fclose(fpout); } pikaBERRY..zip
  2. This is kind of off topic I hope you guys don't mind the ramblings on an old guy... I felt nostalgic I guess. I realized a few people are still the same and then there was this post - about a topic I did oh so many years ago so I felt obliged to post something. Don't expect any major contributions from me just because of this though but I am still happy I picked up python in my last years of pokehacking I regularly use that and a few other skills i learned during that time. If you're interested in what I have been up to I think it would be fun to catch up for old times sake :kikkoman:.
  3. the problem is that you cannot trade custom berries which makes it a lot less interesting than it could have been. Protection was a simple checksum but I doubt i can locate the data... but I had a 'pikaBERRY' on my games back in the day. But as you said it's only marginally interesting - actually i think it's only fun for whoever is hacking it
  4. on a side note these tiny tri-wing screws are straight from hell i seem to have assumed an incorrect frequency and my normal photodiodes fail to get enough light - so wires it is. unless someone knows the (rf) frequency its using that is
  5. do you really want a geforce 210 for gaming? that's a pretty shitty card. i know these things are expensive like hell but if you want to use it for gaming you really want at least a 250 or HD 5750+ okay l4d2 on low to mid deteils at low res should work but that also works with onboard. besides yes it's a pretty good game and yes there are some people online with mad skillz or playing all day long (or both) that you will probably not be able to compete with
  6. http://www.amazon.de/Nintendo-DS-Lite-Activity-Meter/dp/B001PR1PL0/ref=pd_sim_vg_1_img you can i don't know what the "game" is called in english so it's an amazon.de link
  7. a) nothing is great about c# but at the time i wrote PokeDsPic i thought it might be an option (with mono running it on linux and all) but no it's not. but the fact that pokedspic is c# also means that there is some example code using hacking related functions available. same with python which is more popular here than commonly in the windows world (but thats a good language). you don't need to know c++ to go into the software field. i mean you will learn what you need there. However that does not mean you should do nothing. If you are interested learn it. b) the example with the ps3 is inaccurate to say the least. There is almost no homebrew for 360 either not because no one cares but because the system is very secure (yes i know it's hacked at least the old versions), besides the DVD Rom which is very insecure. the ps3 is also very secure and has a BD Rom drive at a time where writable blu ray discs are expensive. that helps also more sales = more likely we see a hack. see: gamecube. on the other hand the wii is the console with most sales and the worst security
  8. while this update is made of fail for the reasons mentioned above i think it's understandable that nintendo is trying to fix their piracy problem. compared to sony (modchips since psx, psp desaster) and ms (they basicly hired the most experienced security team ever) they don't have much experience on the matter because until the wii and the ds piracy on their systems was always negligible. i doubt that they can do anything about it at this time besides releasing a new console they don't seem to agree (yet?)
  9. debugging makes it easier true but one could work with the disassembly alone basicly thats what i did with the poke and text crypto before emus came up. the closest thing resembling what you want is this i guess http://uk.codejunkies.com/Products/NDS-Trainer-Toolkit___EF000358.aspx but it still sucks as it's all ram dumps i don't know if read/write breakpoints are even possible on the hardware without some extra wires added to the arm processor.
  10. well you could workaround that by hacking the client handshake functions so the ds never uses any random numbers but okay doing that you could as well reconstruct the packets from the asm that reads generates them i don't know what's the more efficient way. before starting you'd need to study ssl anyway.
  11. maybe you can by looking for the data that decrypts to all zero. But not necessarily.
  12. reason: it's hard very hard. we are not talking about some crappy encryption or a keygen for the wallpapers here. and i am not even talking about server emulation (which is next to impossible for now. maybe in a some years with lots of distributed computing power, quantum computers or some new theoretical crypto result that will change but seriously guys...) client is possible yes. but unless you really need to be quite experienced to accomplish something in that area. anyone who presents some useful results (new results not obvious things you can figure out in 5min packet sniffing) is actually my hero even if it's just a key and some proof of concept.
  13. maybe not really the right board but i don't really know where to post it. is there a "hardware" board? did anyone who actually has a physical copy mess with that thing and how it works? like frequency (maybe protocol?) or does anyone know a japanese site about it? also are the pokemon really transfered of just moved somewhere in the sav and reactivated later?
  14. there are 3 eggs with different pokemon you can get. also the words you need to say for the wallpapers are the same as in diamond. (see filb.de generator) the stuff you need to say for the eggs will be added to the filb.de wallpaper generator soon i assume
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