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  1. Hi, I want to try inject some events, but first I want to know if I can inject wondercard from others regions like Japan? P.D; to be sure if I'm doing this right, I open pkhex with the gen V SAV, later I click over the mystery gift button and I import the wondercard that I want, save the changes and everything should work fine, right?
  2. Thanks for the answer. In the case I inject a region locked event, can this give me problems if I try to send it from gen VI to gen VII?
  3. Is possible to inject and use a mystery gift wondercard from, example: Europe, Asia, etc in a game from North America?
  4. Ok and thanks, one last thing: is hard to install Luma 3DS? and if I finish this should not be any problem export my save file of moon version use pkhex and later import the save where I made the changes?
  5. When i try the save manager through the homebrew launcher, it let me choose which game to use with it, but when I press A button to confirm,the manager open but it freeze in a yellow screen, I am not very good with these things so what could be causing the problem?
  6. Sorry if I ask again, Is there a reason this is not working anymore?
  7. Console firmware 9.5.0-22U, browser version I can't, I will check it (by the way how I check the browser version?).
  8. I tried to use today them to inject a wondercard that I still don't have (Volcanion) and a few pokes, but the links are not working anymore.
  9. So I only need to homebrew installed? in the start I thought this will be more difficult and need more time. Thanks for the answer.
  10. After I install homebrew in the 3DS, where I can find a guide to inject pokemon (I prefer use this method over edit my file, but I'm not sure is this posible), I understand that to play a gen VII game is neccesary to update to the latest firmware for 3DS, but the 3DS with homebrew/Custom firmware this will not create a problem? With the custom firmware I can create a backup of my gamefile to check in pkhex? and last after I inject something in the game, is there a problem to use the game in a unaltered 3DS? (Specifically a new 3DS)
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