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  1. When are you gonna be able to edit maps with this
  2. Plz import a map editor to ppre 2 everybody gonna love you
  3. can you edit maps with this tool??. Or are you gonna be able to do so in the future??
  4. Hey guys i am working on a new hack pokemon hard diamond. Its a hack of Pokemon Diamond. Special about this hack. This hack has tiles from black and white. And New maps. And gonna look a little like hoenn Progress so far: 10% To do Insert more tiles create some more maps. Credits. Spiky/Markitus95 for hes awsome tool Google for the amazing Google Skethup. With plugins. Me for making this hack If you feel to join me in my progress just send me a pm and you´re good to go Screenies. I havent so many yet but more is coming
  5. i have dstwo and playing this game. But i get random freeze in Pokemon world tournament
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