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  1. Well, I havn't played through much of the game yet, but it definately feels like the original game so far. To me this feels more like "added content" then an entirely new game.....sort of like those WWE games where they release DLC every month or so...it's the same core game and gameplay just with added tit bits. Now, I know that every pokemon game has a similar core game, but I guess it's just the fact that this is the first time I'm playing through a proper pokemon sequel, based in the same world as it's predecessor, that I feel this way. This isn't a bad thing though, and I'm definately enjoying the availability of more pokemon from the get go, rather than having to stare at the weird and downright crappy looking pokemon from Gen V. I never downloaded the Japanese games nor the patches for them, so the USA release was my first experience with the game, and let me tell you, I got the shock of my life when I caught a RIOLU so early on in the game LOL. The Kanto and JoHto Pokemon are the best in my opinion and being able to access some of them so early on in the game is one way to hook me lol. Pokestudios has also been a highlight for me, mainly because I get really tired of the endless grinding at some point and just want to do something fun in the game that is immediate and can be accomplished in a short time, if that makes sense? Anyways, I'm going to conclude this long winded post and say that I look forward to whatever surprises are heading my way in this game. Also, I feel like this game, even though it is fantastic, is sort of a stall tactic by the company, until the next generation of pokemon (if there is one) comes out. I mean look at the evidence.....normally there are a boat load of new pokemon with each game (not counting remakes), and even though this is a sequel set in the same place, if it were NOT just a game made to capitalize on our wallets or stall, then we would have been introduced to a whole bunch of new pokemon that could have come from the new/Far regions of Unova, but all we got was an alternate form for kyurem and genesect....sooo safe to say, this is either the end or theres a new generation right around the corner...time will tell...
  2. :redface:hey there:redface: Just wanted to say thanks for all the hardwork and making such a superb hack. As far as the freezing issues with these roms, I have found them to happen very seldom...if ever. However, the AP patch does sort out one important factor. Before the AP patch, I would always have to save every 20 mins or so....and that became annoying....I tried to save on the savestate and then just load back there when the game crashed, however, when I loaded back to the savestate, the game would crash shortly after, and if i tried to save....It would freeze. However, with the AP patch, I just save with the savestate function (shift + 1,2,3 etc) every now and then and thus, when the game crashes, I am now able to load back to that savestate and save the game normally without freezing....reset and WALLAH...no progress lost.... Hope that wasn't too confusing. this is only for people using Desmume Thanks.
  3. follow up...I was just kidding collect...I will check it out thanks buddy.
  4. lol i wud love to collectiva, but if the tutorials are in tamil....i wud recognize the coding, just not anything the tutor was saying....I'm british....we may have collonized India all those years back but we never bothered to learn the language sorry lol
  5. much much appreciated Form!....I'm sure that I'll be needing some help along the lines somewhere!....
  6. Thanks a bunch WILL...I'll definatly take a look at those books.....Also I'll scope out youtube for the tutorials on byte arrays and bitwise operators....greatly appreciate your help...
  7. Thanks for the replies will and evan.....first off....I'm wanting to create mainly programmes for hacking and patching roms....programmes similar to the rom explorers and rom hacks created on this website....nothing too intense..... I don't have any previous experience in terms of studies or degrees...I just have a passion for technology and that inspired me to start learning programming/coding and I do know the basics so far, in terms of coding in C#.....I use visual studio express for C#...because I read somewhere on this site that the games are coded in C# I'm not too sure about C#.net, but I'll gladly give it a try if you could point me in the right direction? I want to learn coding that will enable me to create rom hacks, attack editors, stats editors etc....and put me in a position to at least try and lend a hand in solving certain hacking issues with the newer games ( like map editing etcc..) Basically to create hacks similar to members like dreyano, oxnite etc... Since becoming a member of this website I've benefited greatly from the hard work of everyone else but now I want to contribute something back.... Thanks again.
  8. hey guys...I've been learning programming for a few weeks now and am improving ever so slightly. However, the more I am able to learn the better I become....sometimes it's best learning to look at things from more than one perspective... Does anyone know of any websites which give tutorials on scripting or the C# language?.... Bear in mind I have used google and found out quite a bit, however I'm talking about sites that give tutorials but don't have the words ''programming'' or ''C#'' etc in their name, thus making it ''not so easy'' to locate them on google.... To those guys who make the awesome hacks and patches for the roms...do you have any ideas?....thanks in advance...
  9. Hey OX...sorry for the double post but just thought I'd report a bug I picked up......I tried changing the power of my cyndaquil's flame charge from 40 to 80 power....and it worked....however the move lost it's secondary effect and my cyndaquil no longer has its speed boosted when it hits the move.... Not really a big deal for me personally as I see it as a ''balancing effect''....would make the move very unfair to be so powerful and boost speed, but just thought I'd report it anyway, incase it also effects some other moves...
  10. oxnite dude!, wanted to say awesome job!!!...and thanks a bunch!....I've been looking to edit infernape's mach punch for a long while now. Since i'm still learning the C# language etc....I thought it would take me a while before I could edit attacks.....but thanks to you I've managed to change mach punch from a 40 to an 80!...haha!...brilliant, user friendly and a variety of choices......highest compliment I could give.
  11. hey there Dreyano....just played through your hack and was amazed at how much effort you put in. I can't speak for others but I enjoyed the increase in challenge from gym leaders/trainers etc...... I don't play in tournaments or internationally/competitively, so the games' AI is the only ''challenge'' that I'll be facing.....so the increased challenge is greatly appreciated. I did however, find it a little annoying and in some cases down right impossible to find the legendaries..lol I mean...I followed your guide, but the 1% chance of them showing up tends to be time consuming. I perservered however and finally got regigigas added to my team.....although, I'll admit to giving up on the rest and succumbing to the use of an ar code to ''make'' them appear lol.... Anyways, just wanted to give you some positive feedback and say Job, more than well done.
  12. thanks for replying Roland.....I did originally ask this question in the ideas section but got no responses so I went for broke and asked you....won't happen again and thanks.
  13. hey Roland, just played through your hack and wanted to say thanks for a great hack and congrats on a great hack!........I also wanted to ask you if it is possible to make a sort of regional championship within the game?...for example, once attaining all 8 bages, you're allowed to enter the johto league...where, perhaps you face a bunch of ace trainers and maybe even your rival....it could be dont in a similar format to the anime?...then maybe after winning the championship, we're allowed access to victory road and then the elite 4?....Just wanted to know if that is at all possible?....thanks and congrats once again.p
  14. bump. sorry for double post.....but no replies? I'm not asking anyone else to make it for me....I just want to know if it is at all possible with the current creation programmes? Thanks.
  15. Hey Guys, First off, let me start by saying that I am no programmer, although, I am aspiring to learn how to edit and hack roms. Secondly, if this thread or question has been asked before I do apologize....(noob here) Ok, onto my idea.... I've been a fan of pokemon for many years now and, despite it's many flaws, have grown to love the anime series. The one thing, for me, that's always been exciting in the anime series is watching Ash, finally reach the league (Indigo, Johto, Hoen, Sinnoh), and battle his way from one nail biting match to another. Personally, that is what makes the show in my opinion. However I've seen that ,in the games, they have basically eliminated the region leagues and instead, after getting all 8 badges, I'm forced to go straight to the champions league and vs the elite four and eventually the champion... I wanted to know if it is at all possible to edit the roms of 4th gen games (platinum, HG/SS) to include the regional leagues where you vs super strong ace trainers, including your rival for that regions title....and upon winning the league, you are told that you still have alot to learn and are then allowed onto victory, to make your way to the champions league...battling the elite four and eventually the champion. It would be amazing and quite a payoff to collect all 8 badges and enter, for example, the sinnoh league, and fight your way to victory and title of sinnoh league champion, then attempting victory road. The leagues could be done similar to tv, with qualifying matches leading to quarter final brackets, semi final brackets and eventually the final. Just my two cents.....please let me know if this is at all possible. ps, the arena used for the regional leagues could be those similar to what we see in the battle frontier arenas.....surrounded by crowds etc... Thanks in advance for your replies....
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