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  1. Pkhex doesn't stop you from making changes due to legal checks though, it will tell you if something is not legal but you can still save the changes regardless.
  2. Here's my contribution to the Korean shiny Xerneas wondercard for ORAS. Enjoy Edit: sorry didn't read the rules before submitting. Received via Wi-Fi by serial (reusable code) Source Game: Omega Ruby (Korean) Console: Imported Korean Console
  3. You will need to get a DS flashcard or another DS backup adapter if you wish to backup and restore those 2 games, the cheapest method would be to buy a standard r4 flashcard though but otherwise you can get an r4i save dongle which seems to work perfectly on the latest update, i've always ordered from gamekool and had no problems before and the delivery seems to be fast too.
  4. Just wondering but theres no way to edit legitimate purchased .cia with this correct? was thinking of converting my eshop purchased Pokemon AS into a .cia format and then into .3ds for editing and revert it back to its original file format afterwards.
  5. For those running 9.2 fw or under you could set up an emunand and use rxtools to play all your retail games and stuff online on the latest firmware while using sysnand to do your injection/exploits.
  6. If you have a N3DS on 9.2 fw or below it's possible to reinject modified saves back onto the game
  7. Clearly he was talking about updating from the game, hence saying he can't play at all and not going from the system online update.
  8. there's currently no way to send the modified save back onto the original game, only gateway users can take advantage of modified saves unless you own a cyber gadget dongle along with Japanese copies of the game and console.
  9. Well i cant seem to find anything on google or anywhere else for that matter about whether anyone else has tried this, but i just happen to have a copy of Monster hunter 4 and a Save dongle so if you dont mind me asking for you to upload your save file here or pm me i can test it myself and see if it works for you, but im not 100% certain if a digital save will work on a retail game.
  10. If your trying to do it with a pokemon or animal crossing game this won't be possible, other then those games im not sure myself if it will definitely work but usually the save needs to match the same size thats on the retail cart so as long as thats correct it should be fine
  11. I think i do remember seeing you say something like that but since a save has just now been 100% decrypted i had my hopes up for a just a homebrew method on a hacked 3ds to be able to decrypt and whatnot but it seems i was wrong however. Also i have been thinking about modifying a 3DS for a while for other purposes included so forgive me if this isn't allowed to be asked but where would all this detailed information be found in order to hack a 4.5 3DS? things like required tools and hardware etc.
  12. Just curious but if someone was to upload their own pokemon X/Y save and send it to someone who owns a modded 3ds that can decrypt their own save be able to decrypt it and modify and be able to send it back without issues? I am aware retail carts have their saves locked to its desired cart but i am curious if its possible now.. or if we would have to wait to crack that save lock first if at all possible. I could see something similar to powersave happening as a paid service that could really make a lot of money off of ppl IF there is any plans to make it all public.
  13. Similar issue here, i did everything specifically as said in the tutorial but when i go to remove the header i get the program asking me to load 0x3000 or 0x82000 no matter what i choose to load i see a bunch of bad eggs and japanese characters in the box name. Are we suppose to use the item modifier code for box 1 or just the code that only changes slot 1's item to x999? This also means its only possible to load upon making a new save file from the tutorial in the future correct?
  14. That would probably be because Mew's ID and/or SID is not matching yours.
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