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  1. Just for clarification: If I were to make a Chansey originally from Gen III, her name would be "Chansey" and not "Chansey\FFFF\0000\0000\FFFF"?
  2. For the escape sequence after names: Is this a Gen V exclusive function or was this present in Gens III and IV, as well?
  3. Yes, I know. Not having the PSN is really annoying me. Oh, well. At least I have no credit cards set to my accounts. Also, in case you didn't already know, Sony is giving every account a free month of PlayStation Plus and 'selected PlayStation entertainment content' based on territory. Considering I have two U.S. accounts and a Japanese one, I'm getting a moderate amount of free stuff. ~STBE
  4. Pokémon Stadium 3 in HD anyone? ~STBE
  5. I'm back from the dead! ...To update a really old topic. lol Added Aracil to the list. Btw, is it possible for a moderator to rename the topic title? If so, just remove the "...?" section. Thanks in advance. ~STBE
  6. Dear god, spoiler tag please. lol I like a lot of these puns. I also seriously lol'd hard at the reaction to the Lolita comment. Btw, from a non-funny stand point, Hydreigon is the best name ever. I don't care if it's not based off a hydra, it's ingenius dammit! Btw, ConkelDUUURRRRR. ~STBE
  7. I'm in need of some help here. I want to play *.mp4 video files WITHOUT using Quicktime. Any suggestions on a free software download for such a thing? ~STBE
  8. I'm in need of some help here. I want to play *.mp4 video files WITHOUT using Quicktime. Any suggestions on a free software download for such a thing? ~STBE
  9. My Lv. 100 Feraligatr with random IVs and EVs, plus 5 Revive decoys. Total cake walk. It's a shame you need HMs to reach Red in HG/SS. In GSC, you just needed Flash. And that was optional. It sort of forces your sixth slot to be a HM Slave when people really need a sixth battler. It's one of those things HG/SS did wrong when they tried something new. Same goes for the Espeon-Lapras switch. I guess it gives Red a Hail advantage, but still. You shouldn't mess with one of the most infamous battles in the series. /endrant ~STBE
  10. Ninja'd. I was re-wording my post. Please read it again. lol ~STBE
  11. 64% of this topic is made up of PID importance rants when it was suppose to be about how Legal works. We've been off topic for the past 31 posts people. I'm pretty sure being off topic doesn't even matter now. ~STBE
  12. I could not help but read this thread. I would like to add my own input on this. I'm a "naturalist cheater". I make sure everything I create or modify is 100% plausible in-game. Hell, I'm so anal about this that I seldom make hatched Pokémon simply because of the IVs not matching up to the PID. Now, here comes Generation V. Most, if not all of my resources on making legal Pokémon are now shattered by (what I believe to be) a change in the PID/Nature/IV/etc. relationships. Now, to put it simply... ...You guys already determined the changes made to 'Shifted Pokémon, discovered there are no new trash bytes, and discovered relationships from Generation IV are no longer necessary in Gen V. Would it really be that much trouble to discover how these new relationships work and make a Legal program for Gen V? It does not have to be an update; it can simply be a new program exclusively for Pokémon from/'Shifted to Gen V. I honestly don't care if it has event support considering I actually go to the events. So, a new Legal exclusively for Gen V with no event support. Would this be more plausible for someone to make? Easier said than done, yes, but at least that person would not have to build Sabresite's Legal from the ground up. Discuss. ~STBE
  13. *looks around* I see no trash byte guide on the forums. If you are referring to the one on the main site, it just simply tells you to do the nickname trick. ~STBE
  14. To be completely honest, no idea. It just happens to be more appealing to some. ~STBE
  15. I feel as if I was vague about what I meant. When I say PPSE UI > PG UI, don't take it to astronomical proportions. What's a good way to put it...? On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the greatest, PPSE is a 9.5 while PokeGen is about a 8.7. As for Pokesav... Eh. I've used it for at least 3 years now. I'm way too used to it's UI to give it a proper score. On a side note, I regret saying PokeGen's UI is "horrible". I just have to warm up to it a little bit longer, that's all. ~STBE
  16. Understandable, I suppose. From the little bit of programming I've done, I usually keep it simple; however, I usually have a few pixels between textboxs so they're a bit more distinguishable. ~STBE
  17. lol No problem. To put it simply, PPSE is more appealing visually to me. I'm not trying to slander your program; PokeGen is fantastic. I just sort of laugh at compat design. I mean, shouldn't we try and encourage people with a 800 by 600 screen to upgrade? Seriously. My computer is almost 6 or 7 years old and it has a 1400 by 1050 display. ~STBE
  18. I honestly never used the 'Dex section in PPSE. I used it for Pokémon editing. The edit window in PPSE was great. It looked somewhat similar to a stat page for in-game. The copy of PPSE on the site doesn't have the edit feature. Greencat gave me (and a couple other people, IIRC) a un-released beta that has it. I'll provide a screenshot when I get to my laptop. ~STBE EDIT: http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc160/Link_PWNS_Cloud/mypointis.png
  19. @ Codr Maybe "horrible" was a bit too harsh. It actually took me a few days to realize how to "set" Pokémon. I found this to be odd. It has also screwed me over a few times (edited a *pkm, but since it was not "set", I end up overwriting the *.pkm with the "set" one). Aside from that, PokeGen is also cramped. A maximize feature would be wonderful... It's too bad it doesn't have one. The tabs are alright, I suppose. It just makes navigation a bit more tedious. PPSE by far had the best UI. Looked like a Box and everything. Something similar to that or like an actual stat page in-game would be great. ~STBE
  20. I must say, PokeGen's UI is very confusing for a first time user. Pokesav is, indeed, the easier program to use; however, Pokesav is by no means the most convenient. PokeGen may be superior in what it does, but, honestly, it's UI is horrible. ~STBE
  21. I see. Thanks for the info. Any idea on what the trash byte string is, though? I realize that this string is pretty irrelevant considering the nickname trick, but it wouldn't hurt to know. ~STBE
  22. Read title. I recall something about Eggs having trash bytes, although I fear I may be mistaken. A simple "yes" or "no" is acceptable; however, I'd appreciate the trash byte string (if HG/SS Eggs have trash bytes anyways). ~STBE
  23. I think the 3DS will be awesomesauce. Hopefully it will be no more than $250 U.S. dollars, though. ~STBE
  24. I'm still waiting for an amazing Grass/Dragon or Dragon/Grass dual-typing. Mainly I want this type for the possibility of it's design. Design-wise... It would be effing fantastic. It may actually be good competitively, as well. STAB Dragon is good for neutral coverage and STAB Grass could really bring those bulky Water-types to their knees. This is, of course, if it's an offensive Pokémon. Game Freak could troll and make this a defensive Pokémon (which would probably suck, given it's types). So, yeah. Grass/Dragon or Dragon/Grass. ~STBE
  25. Action, RPG, or a combination of the two. Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Pokémon, FTW. ~STBE
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