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  1. Welcome to FLOOTENKERP's Events Trade Thread! All the events are 100% Legitimate. Enjoy! What I want All of the events I'm offering were obtained from the database Except the Osaka Meowth and the NOK Mew. All are legitimate. I have the wondercards for most of these so I can get you certain nature's or IV's for some of these events. If you have any questions on nature or gender ask away and I'll gladly answer. Thanks for viewing my thread!
  2. My faves in correct order 1) Chikorita 2) Sudowoodo 3) Ho-oh 4) Suicune 5) Darkrai I <3 Chikorita cuz' it was my very first pokemon I ever got :0
  3. idk why? have u used it b4 or went to the real event?
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