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  1. While there is no hard evidence as to -only tutors for Mew, nobody has come forth with evidence that more than one of those moves can be offered at the same time (a full four-move moveset is offered).
  2. That move has been reported as missing from the DW exclusive moveset of Axew before. Other DW ability Pokémon showing up as hacked are either the special TCG participation ones (Double-Edge Metagross, Steel Wing Scizor, ExtremeSpeed Dragonite, and Seismis Toss Tyranitar), or are genuinely illegal.
  3. Ah, that bug. Method 1 gift type Pokémon are mistakenly using Method J/K. J/K (and H) are subsets of Method 1, but not all of the Method 1 spreads are in J/K/H. That spread happens to be one of them, so it is erroneously flagged as illegal.
  4. Well there isn't really a point in deleting unused content unless it would allow for one less disc to be used for the game. Plus you never know if something else relies on it. Translating it on the other hand...
  5. Basically two mons with the exact same OT and game version have a different message when it comes to the TID/SID combination
  6. There are other things that set the fateful flag. Most notably, every single Pokémon from Gale of Darkness has it set. Not that it actually does anything, since removing it has no effect on the Pokémon.
  7. Wouldn't cracking this affect ALL 3DS games? Something tells me Nintendo wouldn't like that, and they'd make large efforts to close any holes that people find due to the sheer magnitude of things.
  8. That's the in-game anti-cheat mechanism kicking in.
  9. Hozu

    PKHeX Legacy Discussion

    There is no support for .pkx injection for any version of the game, on any app. Modifying saves for digital versions requires a 3DS-level hack.
  10. You know, you should read the announcement about how Project Pokémon doesn't support cheating. An illegal Pokémon doesn't have any negative effects in-game. The only reason anyone would want their created Pokémon to appear legal is to fool someone into thinking it's legitimate - whether it's some kind of official checker, or for ripping people off in trades.
  11. Excuse me? I know exactly why it's not possible ever. The keys used to sign the saves are different for each individual cart, and on digital copies it changes each time you start a new game (might have to delete the save data or something). You can't even share saves between physical carts.
  12. SID in Emerald is determined right at the end of the intro, before you hear the truck. TID/SID is determined at that same place in R/S.
  13. They're removed because the game literally can't generate shiny Victini. This has been proven.
  14. By editing your Pokémon or save file, your Pokémon are no longer "legit". Simplest way to ensure it doesn't happen again is to not edit anything. Ever.
  15. Your Pokémon have a TID/SID combination that is literally impossible for the game to generate, hence the invalid ID/SID message.
  16. Where did you get the parents from? If you got the male from Pokécheck, it would have said it had an illegal egg move combination as well.
  17. https://www.pokecheck.org/?p=search&tid=Debug-G&notpub=1 That's the default OT name given to Pokémon created by the Pokémon Ruby German debug ROM. It might be a good idea to flag that as orange or something (who the hell would name themselves "Debug-G"?). http://tcrf.net/Pok%C3%A9mon_Ruby_%28Debug_Version%29/Debug_Menu#Create_PkMn
  18. https://www.pokecheck.org/?pk=9034285 This has a valid encounter (modest sync required) yet is showing as not. If it was deleted... From Pt - Route 208 Ralts (encounter slot 4, with slots being numbered 1-12) is possible with PID 0x1C63E51D and IVs of 23/13/25/27/1/29.
  19. Language Japanese Yet looking at the Wondercard data in Pokégen says the country is game. What.
  20. Pokécheck may be assigning the wrong character for apostrophes when transferring a 4th gen format Pokémon into 5th gen format (notably non-nicknamed Farfetch'd). Apparently anything with an apostrophe that was transferred via Pokécheck is being blocked by Pokémon Bank.
  21. For reference. In other news, Kangaskhan doesn't get Knock Off from any source at all - it is in no learnset from any game. Some of them have it marked as a tutor move by mistake.
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